I'm at the TA truck stop in Bladwin FL. There's very limited prkg here.

Your drvrs have 9 prkg places taken up by bobtails. 3 of them are prkd next to one another. I have to to wait till one of them to move. I'm an OO with a trl and out of hrs.

This is rediculous. Why can't they work together and prk two to a space. That would open up room for 4 trks w/trl to park.

Please instruct these new drvrs to be courteous to others. Thx

Product or Service Mentioned: Werner Enterprises Parking.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You’ll get over this situation — a helluva lot sooner than you’ll learn how to spell, I reckon…


Most likely this is a werner drop yard and they are paying for those parking spots. During my time with werner we were discouraged from disconnecting our trailers except at a drop yard.

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