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My son has jusr completed his 300 required hours of training with Werner Enterprises.

He is getting conflicting information from his SDM regarding the availability of a truck he is now supposed to be getting after completing his required 300 hours.

His training was supposed to have been 3 weeks, but it has taken him 10 weeks to get his 300 hours because his driver-trainer wouldn't let him drive enough hours.

nnupWerner asked him to do them a favor and transport some guys to Ohio and promised to reimburse him for his personal expenses. Well, to date that has not happened!

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I agree with most everything BigDaddyDonDon and totally disagree with Northland completely. Werner receives anywhere from $5000 to $10,000 per student as a tax credit.

That in its self is a business. Anyway, they (Werner) can only receive that when the Trainer signs on that dotted line. As of 14 months ago, I held the record for getting a trainee off my truck with 300 hours before it was lowered to 275. I had a trainee off with 300 hours in 37 days.

Weather was right, runs where great, student was Awesome and timing perfect. The closest I ever came to that again was with 43 days with only 275 hours required.

I know of no SDM or Recruiter saying 3 weeks. (However I did know one who promised: "If you are scared, the trainer will do it for you." That SDM is no longer with Werner)


The longer you stay on the truck the more money you make for everyone except you


Someone isn't giving you all the information. First it is impossible to do 300 hours drive time in three weeks.

I am on a truck right now with a trainer. The number of hours was dropped to 275 back in July. It will take me at 6 weeks and I drive 10 hours a day almost every day. Werner does want trainers to keep students on the truck as long as possible, but that is so they can make more money from the "team".

The delay in getting a truck could be several factors.

There are no trucks for the area he wants, Trainer didn't give high scores on his "reportcard" or he did bad on his check ride after he got off the truck with a trainer. And Just becuase he finished his training period, the is no promise that Werner will hirer him.

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