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Recently I was able to contact police dept. that issued the citation and got a copy of the original that shows the charge.

Not what my home state describes it as on my mvr.

I have sent my home state the copy and a request to have their description removed. I hope they remove it but if they don\'t at least I have the original copy showing what the charge was.

Original review posted by user Mar 25, 2012

I got me cdl and a job with Werner Enterprizes and after the tough training ( cause of bad trainers, I had a few) I drove solo, that I loved. I loved the company and all my stuff said Werner on it.

Well, on my 2nd or 3rd solo trip, the brake chambers fell off the trailer and calling Werner did no good other than that they set me up an appt. for a trailer shop.I called the police for help and they gave me a $30 citation for their time. I thought I told Werner about it. I know I didn't think it would be on my MVR and they gave me only 10 days to pay and I did while I was there.

Well more than a year later I had to go to a terminal for something and there was a safety hold on me. Safety told me they just found out about that $30 citation. Anyway the charge on the citation was something *** and my home state didn't have the charge and so they put it as inattentive driving on my mvr. It wasn't that.

Then Werner said I am fired for not telling them about it. They said that nothing would be on my dac report.

Well that was a bunch of ***, they put the incident on my dac and described it as hit road debris, but I didn't hit anything and they put a couple of non-preventable things on the dac with goofy descriptions on them.Now I am having trouble finding work.Companies said they will hire me if I work somewhere else first for 6 months but they all say that so who can I drive for? Plus now I have a closet full of Werner stuff, that was a big waste of money.

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I was injured driving for Werner and they refused to pay for my care. I hired a lawyer.

They decided to settle out and part of the settlement was me agreeing to resign. Fast forward 4 months, I thought I was hired by another company, only to find out Werner told them I was fired and they refuse to hire drivers fired by their previous company. I have it in writing, signed by THEIR attorney(their attorney drafted the agreement) stating I resigned. In my state, that is grounds to sue for compensatory and punitive damages.

I have requested a copy of my DAC Report. If it states Werner fired me, well, you can guess.


Ya'll must've done something to really *** off your FMs. I quit 2 times, without notice.

Emptied the truck, cleaned it out, check it back in with the shop, and sent the I quit via the qualcomm. Never got charged anything, nothing on my DAC (even though there should be something there from a trailer wheel I bent in). I didn't go for the $500, I took the PTO and got paid for every mile I drove.

In fact, if I can't find a local job PDQ I'm going back to werner. I have a family and want to be home daily, but you do what you must.


Werner changed my Dac finally and i am Driving again yay.


i had been hospitalized 6 months into my empl with werner and was told i had ful heathcare cover until i wrent in hosp and relized they never sent my cards and never relized they never made the payroll deductions from my pay yea my fault but i had in the orientation filled out all pper work for it and was told now im covered with heathcare from the first day of empl well about 10k i n debit with dr bills becuse they said oh we must have lost the orig forms to enroll... and was never covered and now to boot i got the health care and cant get treated for a whole yr for a heart condition i have becuse its now pre existing ..... wtf


they told me to drive 30 miles to a repair shop for a rf flt tire ,not low flat .....


K I will check out your site. Thanks!



check out my website mentioned in code above.

I believe it is an accurate portrait of policy.

I never been so disrespected as a driver in my life.

They are in court right now in California.

You will find comfort in my hate at the website. There are

buttons to share the hate too in facebook and email


Am waiting to hear again from Werner about getting them to take false info off my dac report. They don't seem to care about hurting people.I never damaged their equipment and what they put on my dac report does not even meet the criteria for what is supposed to go on there. And even though I have documentation showing that the dac is false, companies say they have to go by dac and that is not the way it should be.


I am still trying to get them to make the dac true.


speak your mind with no limits

hate werner as you have the right to do


Hmmm thanks Robert. At the time it seemed like a good idea cause I was in the way. But what you say does make sense and I will remember it if it ever happens again.


your the driver you should have not driven the trailer anywhere i was told by them to drive a peterbuilt truck with fuel tank hanging by 1 strap to a truck stop for repair i told them no they sent a repair guy dont ever let anyone tell you to drive in unsafe condtionions its your butt not theres

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