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On 3-31-2016 at around 5:15 pm, Werner truck number 63954, pulling trailer number 31247, entered on to Interstate 65, at exit 334, in Priceville, AL. As I was passing, he came all the way to the left lane, forcing me off the road to pass in the grass.

I know he heard my horn. He looked at me in the mirror but continued to force me off the road, even though the right lane was clear. I managed to snap a shot on the dash camera.

The picture is attached to this complaint. I'm on the road all day for my job so I know things happen but these guys need to hang up and drive.

Reason of review: Dangerous driver.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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You sure you weren't doing what all typical dumb 4 wheelers do and seen him signal then seen him moving into the left lane and did what all intelligent people do and try to speed up to get around him even though he's almost completely in that lane and repeatedly honking your horn because your driving like an ***

to Anonymous #1162111

"Dumb 4 wheelers"…? So you're the *** who was driving that truck.

Stay safe.


Thank you for taking the time to let us know your concerns. Safe and courteous driving is very important to us in addition to maintaining a positive reflection of our Company and all professional drivers on the roadway.

By reporting this to us, you make us aware of a specific situation that we can review and determine what action needs to be taken to assure we meet our commitment to safety and continue to display positive results in representing our Company, our drivers, and all professional drivers on the road.

The information you obtained off of the unit will greatly assist me in directly following up with the driver regarding your concerns and report. Please realize that these reports are taken very seriously, followed up on and addressed. We acknowledge our family and yours share the same roadway with our drivers.

We want to be part of keeping our roads and other shared places safe for everyone.

We will follow-up and the appropriate action will be taken. Once again, thank you for your time and assistance in this matter.


Michael Correll

Manager Driver Safety Hotline


You where in the No Zone he didn't see you in his mirror because it's a blind spot for truckers avoid ridding the NO ZONE and props to you on your defensive driver skills good job not wrecking yourself the trucker or any other motorist happy and safe motoring

to Anonymous #1137586

You're correct that I was in the no zone, there's no way to avoid it when passing a slower truck. The real problem was the way he entered the highway and moved directly to the left lane, before getting up to speed and without checking for other traffic and then, didn't yield the lane, even after we made eye contact in his mirror.

to Anonymous Scottsdale, Arizona, United States #1277011

Well, in your particular situation, sure there's a way to avoid the no zone. It's that large pedal next to the gas pedal.

I'm not saying he has no responsibility but at least be honest. You saw him enter traffic, you saw his blinker, you saw him moving into your lane, and you stubbornly held your ground to let that big bully truck know that you would not be intimidated. The problem with stubborn pride like that is that it occasionally ends up with the driver of the passenger vehicle being smeared across fifty feet of pavement.

What he did was wrong. What you did was ***.

to driver #1447310

Seems to me that the problem exists with the Werner drivers and not "four wheelers". My job keeps me on the road, I-75 to be exact, and I have witnessed on multiple occasions semi drivers thinking they own the *** road and run people off the road on purpose.

I call the state troopers and have no problem doing so. I also call the company with the cab number.

Keep driving the way you do and let me see you. I guarantee you don't have a job the next day!

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