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I finished truck driving school and i was selected by werner to be a student driver. After being treated like dirt by werner as a student driver, i was then told i would not have a job after the training was complete, but i could stay on as a student driver at student pay.

I then later found out werner enterprises takes on student drivers to receive government subsidies in the form of ten thousand dollars per student. Werner enterprises deceives potential student drivers by allowing them to think they will have a job when the training is over. Nothing could be further from the truth.

They pay the student drivers peanuts and receive ten thousand dollars to qualify student drivers without the possibility of employment. The treatment i received from werner was the worst i had ever experienced from any employer in twenty six years of my employment history.

Werner takes advantage of the working man and our government allows it. The point of government subsidies is to help new drivers obtain employment. Werner manipulates this program for financial gain at the tax payers expense.

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My brother and I both have found this out to be the case. While I quit just after going on the road with a trainer due to my own decision that this kind of life would SUCK! He has stuck with it and we just had a conversation on by phone backing up this claim.


Werner can go the same way and follow Arrow Trucking into closure.

Good riddence to this screw-you company.

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