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i have been a trainer for the last 6 years w/werner and a sister co. affiliated with werner, i have seen my health go down the tubes because of werner, ok i love to teach, have driven for 16 years and i beleive that when training a new driver the only thing that matters is teaching him/her the right way, i dont feel production should be a paart of the training, student is already nervous from being there

any way what happens i lose sleep, student looses sleep, i cant train right because of fatigue, and loss of sleep, student cant learn because of the same, tempers flair up, and the atmosphere in the truck becomes negative, and yes arguements start, werner needs to change their way of thinking when it comes to trainer trucks, (ITS A TRAINER TRUCK) for god sakes, werner sends messages on the qcom saying we have spent ex amount on dollars because of accidents, hmmmm wonder why, i know why, because werner doesnt care who trains or how student is trained, but they do care about the money they make on the loads, students are pawns, and used as such to only deliver freight or help deliver freight, werner doesnt care if they quit or not . they say 3 months experience is enough to train, lol who are they kidding, i know a trainer who has only 6 months experience driving, he calls me all the time for advise, reason, he doesnt know whats going on out there, he shouldnt be a trainer,

but its not his fault either that he is, he just doesnt have to knowlege yet, not enough experience

werner doesnt care, they have thid we care werner care message, yes right they do, huge lie, my advise to new drivers, go to a company who trains the right way, dont be used as a pawn.

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I'm starting training with Roadmaster soon in Ohio and they wanted me to fill an application with Werner... I asked, Why Werner he said, their one of the better companies. Doesn't sound like it too me, they probabley just get kick backs for sending them drivers!!!

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