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i was out on the road with werner went home for family emergecy because my wife was sick was home for 2 days and all the sudden they said i had been home for to long and pulled a drug test on me than all the sudden i tested possitive but yet my drug test traveled 3400 mile across the country first stop in tenn and next in ne and in all the mix up the drug tests were droped and i was told they labeled them the way they wanted but yet they did not call anyone of us in for redrug testing when i should have had that oppertunity

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how do you know there mr easy!!!! Are you god????

You best hope he is one otherwise your judgment upon others will come back to you!! Have fun there you Mr know it all!!!!


Dude, from the way you spell I assume you use every drug known to man. Jesus Christ, you didn't use one god *** period! I work for werner, and this story sounds like bull comin from an addict.

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