To all those little whining want-a-be truckers bad mouthing Werner Enterprises I believe you need to go back to suckling on the government mammary. Let's face it, you're the one who signed your name on the application and if you don't like it "quit" don't ***.

Take responsibility for your actions and remember that McDonalds is hiring. Your grandparents should be ashamed of you.

If you make a decision and blame others when it's the wrong decision don't ***.

No wonder you post your opinions on the WEB you coward! Step up and be a contributing individual.

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SHUT THE H@#&% UP!!! Obviously our experiences with this BS excuses for a company are far from made up fantasies by people trying to get out of contributing to a productive society!!!

The overwhelming fact based events and experiences of an outstanding number of past and present employees trumps your pittyfull attempt to jump up " On The Internet" and play hardcore unsubstantuated big mouth with a minute vocabulary and even less of anything important to contribute!!! If anyone stands up to these people as an individual, they lose their jobs, their homes, maybe even a marrige or two ( if that wasn't lost already)and so much more! But with this kind of website where people learn that they are not alone and don't have to be, they will begin to stand up as a collective and not have to worry about retaliation, and maybe finally start to make a difference!

So put that in your beer can and smoke it! Now who's Grandparents would be ashamed of whom?


You must be a good brown noser.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #684412

I work for Werner also. They ask me to go to Ashley Indiana to help out with the family dollars count.

so I did for one week. Had a message on the Qualcomm to call this guy So I did. he said he had an opportunity for me they need a 20 drivers and Ashley Indiana for the Family Dollar account they were going to work as teams. he was telling me about the pay and everything.

He said since you live in Indiana this would be a perfect opportunity for you. I told him I don't live in Indiana I live in Colorado and then he said what the *** are you doing in Indiana. I told him you tell me what I'm doing here. The truck that I am in I had to go pick up in Montana as a recovery.

The truck is from Indiana well the driver was actually from Indiana he thought I was from Indiana As well. They don't know your name unless you give them your truck number or your employee number for them to look it up on the computer.

Sorry maybe that's just me but who knows. They said they going to pay me a certain amount per mile I'm not even seen that it's actually under what they told me that they were going to pay


Stop crying if you don't like it quit *** does nothing the only people I see that fail WITH ANY COMPANY are the ones to *** lazy to do their job. Do what you are told and be alright.

Orlando, Florida, United States #631724

Anonymous, you are a right one to talk about quit being a coward how about posting your name!!! You most be one of the sheeps following the Sheep Herder.

Do you always do what you are told little sheep?? Werner is the worse Trucking Company out there, be warned. They have this motto "We Care" right, you are just a number to them and that's it.

You are the coward for not posting your name. :) If you would like to respond you spine less coward my email is mrtiggero@yahoo.com

Charlottesville, Virginia, United States #600548

My finance has been with Werner for 18 months, and he's STARVING. He begs for loads....I'm on the phone allot with him while he's on the trip pack.

100 miles here...wait two days for a load out, 200 miles there...wait a day for a load out. Pay from Zip code to Zip code and NOT actual door to door.

Ripping drivers off hundreds of miles a week. Dispatch SUCKS!!


To Steven (on july 24, 2012) BINGO you nailed it on the head. Job or jobless the choise is up to what you make it.

If your recless or don't watch what you are doing why keep you. I for one would go back if they called me. Hopefully with a good trainor like I had.

Remember safty IS your choise, use is wisly. Be safe.


I drove for werner from 04/2010-01/2011 I learned at lot in that time and one of the things is do'nt be rude all the time. One ex.

I was at a unloading dock and the loading super. was getting alot of *** from other drivers. I went over to super. and asked who is in charge?

He said he was and I said that IF you get a chance, were I could go to unload. I said it in a nice way and with a smile. He possed and sent me to the front of the line. Remmember you can catch more with honey then with vinager.

Be safe. Peter L.


I work for Werner as well, and all around they have been good to me even after I quit with no notice to go and team with my boyfriend at another company. When that didn't work out (due to company, not my boyfriend LOL) I called my recruiter back after being gone for 5 months and asked if I was eligible for rehire and was in orientation the next morning and had my truck the following day and was rolling.

I think alot of the people that whine about Werner (or any other company for that matter) all had unrealistic expectations. They heard stories of $1,500 a week paychecks, a perfect world where hometime always is approved and happens on weekends and when you request it, and just didn't realize that there is ALOT more to it than just steering a truck down a road.

There are days that I'm less than thrilled when I have to hunt down a trailer, *** loads, have a breakdown, sit over a weekend in the middle of nowhere waiting for something, but if they stick it out they will learn that is part of trucking, and if they don't then they shouldn't be driving anyway.

Be safe out there everyone.

to Hwy 20 Ride #592956

After 28 years on the road and only 3 of that with werner I have to say I have a difficult time believing some of the stories here. Maybe it' s just me but I make good money(last pay 1,172.67) and can't help thinking; maybe it' s you. Just sayin.



if the company actually fixed there equipment, give load's to driver's instead of *** about the driver's like you Werner Enterprises wouldn't be the one whinning and living off of

government dough themselves.

by the way


You don't have a very grow up attitude.


Amen, bro. Lol I work for Werner, and all and all, its not bad, a few problems, but what job doesn't? It is a job and it is better than being jobless.

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