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I worked for WERNER and I am on Medical Leave at the moment. But I have never had a problem with them. I have asked last minute to leave for doctors appointments and I have never missed one. They have always made sure that I made mine. And my pay was good I have never...
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Just had a Warner driver cut me off of I - 20 and almost put me in the grass in Dallas Tx, as I caught up with him to pass , he shots me the finger . What kind of drivers do you put on the road to treat other motorist like that. I don't understand . He's tractor number is 66604.
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They are all a big SCAM never ever deal with these comanys they want your money for teaching you how to do something a kid could learn given a chance they are a bunc of scammer they don't even have their base business here in Ca so they can pay you Utah wage or NH...
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It's been over a year since I wrote on here. My previous submission is titled, "To Werner, From former employee 43664". In the following months since I quit, it got rougher. I mean really rough. But as God would look over my shoulder, things picked up and...
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Another postscript: Those stories below, I can identify with and put 100% stock in these drivers grievances.

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