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i am a 2 year otr driver and werner started me out at .15 for all dead head miles and .25 for all miles 501+ thats no money not even for some one that just starting out now im haveing to fight for what little of a pay check im sapose to get u see i was only geting 1500 miles aweek i made myself available after every load. there trucks are nasty they wont even give u a clean mattress this is the worst company i have ever work for they suck *** and vicki my so called feet manager was a *** all the people i delt with in the office where dumb *** and no help at all u have to sit for hours or days waiting on a load WERNER SUCKS *** if u are reading this and thinking about working for werner DONT THEY WONT PAY U...

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Your were on a Regional run that is that is the pay on that account. yes I know how u feel.

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