i fell into the werner trap also. i was promised money and home time, but it never happened.

i was sent to atlanta for pre employment and was sent to texas with 13 other trainees for trainers. i waited for a trainer for 3 days. the trainer i had was great. i was with him for 3 months.

i was trained to one thing and one thing only. i had to lie to get out the trainers truck. i was then sent aal around the country chasing that dollar that they promised. i did almost every account they had to offer, but i could never get out of owning money to them.

my dispatcher would not turn in payroll, so we didnt gert paid.

i lost a car and a marriage because of those #####people. if you are wise, dont fall for thier lies.

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Werner sux !!! As a student driver they will work you 24/7 team style in a 62 m.p.h.governed truck that won't idle and pay you little more than the perdium pay they suckered you into taking.

In other words, It costs Werner nothing to have you drive their truck till the wheels fall off and you sit or quit. Sad but true !!!


Glad i own my own truck :zzz


Stay outta the truck stops and turn them wheels, thatll solve your money issues driver. all these companies have frieght you just have to prove yourself


I was given my first load to Iowa , cool then got pulled back to Atlanta told my second drug test was a failure and what was I doing driving

knowing that I was a user ! I sat in Atlanta for 3 days before they realized that it was someone else with one number different employee number ! So I go back out to wher my truck was supposed to be and my stuff was thrown out in the rain !They gave my truck to someone else !So I rent a car and head home , Werner can Kiss my ***


Obviously you weren't trained to write well. :?


I trained on the Budweiser account and Walmart account, so I only learned Indiana, Michigan and Ohio..after I completed training they sent me home, said they had no work for me?..2/08..called sdm twice a week for a month and on the last week, sdm put me on hold and then said...well ur going 48, if ur not down to indie by 5pm tommorw ur considered a quit..WTF...So I made it down there, got a pos used and abused century....got my first load as a solo, and to where...CHICAGO...I was scared as ***...any way, I survived my first run..second run after that was a hazmat to new jersey!....I made it, I don't know how, but I did..remember I only been in 3 diffrent states my whole life and got thrown into that *** blind folded..for about a year I ran solo training myself as I went..broke, no money, starving, loosing my home, here I do hazmat and Canada for these guys and get what?..treated like a pos, and broke!....I decided to start teaming and that seems to be the only way to make any kind of decent money with these guys...what I also have learned talking to other drivers...it don't matter who u start off driving for, they are all the same...do what u can, stick it out and get ur two years in accident free and doors WILL open..

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