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I'd like to encourage you to review all trucking companies, talk with friends, research them on the internet, etc before signing up with a trucking firm.

I'm going to sum up my experience in a short manner.

Werner - We Care, Werner Cares.

This is a public relations statement. Don't get confused by this and be careful on the amount of stock you invest in that statement. Here's why.

1) Assignment of hotel roommates. They don't care who you get bunked up with. They didn't tell me you could pay $20 extra for your own room.

2) Breakfast and Lunch. What a joke. A muffin and coffee. That was it for breakfast. Lunch on day one was $5.00 and a choice from the vending machines or the garbage truck. It went to $4.00 on the second day of orientation.

3) Assignment of trainer. Don't count on being matched up well. Just pray for an experienced person because Werner will allow drivers with min. 3 months of driving to become trainers. And in my opinion, drivers follow that path because they are financially forced to. Do your own paper logs and be pushy on alley docking. Always sleep on the bottom bunk when the truck is in transit.

4) Assignment of truck. I heard the rumors. The SDM confirmed it. They don't have trucks ready for every graduate. The SDM tried to low ball me to keep me on the trainer truck and went up to paying me $10/ driving hour. Strangely, I saw in Omaha, Dallas and one other terminal, lots of undetailed trucks just waiting. Strange, eh?

5) Remind your fleet manager the last time you had hometime if you are a new graduate. They might send you a message on the qualcomm that says you aren't eligible for hometime when you've been training for the last 5 weeks.

6) Don't count on good mileage as a new solo driver. My OTR mileage averaged 2200 miles per week. A far cry from what I expected. And they kept me in CA, TX and Canada 4 days each on short trips. This was not the result of hours available but loads available. I figured it was a little better than downtime pay. But still.

7) Maintenance. Had a shop rat take the dog leash and jerry rig it to the hood to keep it from falling all the way back. That was their own GRA GAR mechaninc in IN. In Texas, I got red flagged on that. They also did not fix the coupling problem well. And the radiator was leaking somehow when shut off for a day or two.

8) That *** Qualcomm does not always pick you up precisely. You might be picked up a few blocks away and so in trying to trip plan, keep that trouble in mind.

9) Regional. It's great to come home every week. But the draw back is the mileage pay is configured differently from account to account. I averaged $520 weekly with a peak at $660. So much for the $700 or 800 as teased by Nuway. Eventually, asking for miles was futile. I began to ***. And on a couple of occassions, they offered $50-100 extra to compensate.

10) Trouble. Whether you are stuck in ice or lost, don't expect to be spoon feed well. And your breakdown wait time, could be half a day, easily.

In short, Werner was a mistake for me. Maybe it won't be for you. Like I said in the begining, research the companies and talk with friends.

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #746492

I worked for Werner for 8 years. I will say that overall I was treated well.

I did get home on time,and I always was sent home if a family emergency happened. With that being said, there has been a lot of time gone by since them days. I took a job offer with UPS, which I left in July after 7 years with them.

It does sadden me to hear that this company has done a total 180. I have many fond memories of my time there, and it is sad to see that they have become a shell of their old selves.


This company has blacklist me for years in hopes that I will come back to them. Any decent company will not touch me with a 10 foot pole-- Eventhough I have gone about 6 years without an accident this is a horrible company.


i put 9000 cash on a truck and only drove it for 2 months. i had been a trainer for two years.

they confiscated my truck and terminated my lease for a warrant from 1998.

they kept my money. it cost me 14000 to drive that truck for two months.


Class action law suit, I would like to be apart of it. I have a whole list of issues, If you need to get a hold of me email me at

I think we have enough here for a Class action,

All we need is the right Lawyer, and to start raising money, of which I will gladly invest.

I just need people that will stand up and fight.


I was shocked from the first time I sat in the passenger seat of the Kenworth with a cat engine. The door locks didn't work, the seats could not hold their air and would continually deflat.

The check engine light on all the time, and so much more. My husband made numerous macro for breakdowns. Some were fixed and others were given the"so what" reply. Whenevever something major broke, we were down for days; no breakdown pay like Schneider; you had to stay in the truck during repairs (often freezing cold-and you were NOT to idle your truck)then it would take a whole day to get your next pre load assignment and usually in the dead of the night.

Driving at night with *** poor dispatch directions is a nightmare. He was sent down a street that he shouldn't have been sent on and ended up in a situation that he had to make a 3 point turn and unfortunately backed into a chain link fence. He did all reporting via Werner Standards and 2 days was fired. He had never had an accident until this.

Now he was never cited. In fact the authorities were impressed with him as the other previous 5 werner drivers that did the same thing to the same fence just drove off and left the scene. Anyway, the all poweful "safety office" fired him for doing a u-turn when it was a 3 point turn. They hadn't even requested the accident report which clearly states via the state trooper that it was a 3 point turn.

The owner of the fence called "Harold" in safety and told him that my husband was the only one that did the right then by staying and exchanging info with her. The State Trooper was also impressed. So, if my husband was a dirt bag he could have driven away and still had his job. He was wrongfully terminated which left us without a way home.

Promise of bus fare, LOL, we had too many bags, etc. that couldn't be put on the bus. We had to figure out a way home and out of our own pocket. We will not be compensated for this.

It was a miserable experience. I feel sorry for all who become employed with Werner. Oh yes Werner cares, about their own personal wealth, to *** with the drivers and their families. Oh and get this!

There was a guy that took out a fire hydrant, and then a month later totaled a beamer!

This driver still has a job.

So we are now looking into filing a lawsuit


i Just left Werner after 2 plus years. I was lucky had good trainers.

Spend a few months after i was hurt working in the Springfield terminal I was surprised by all the trainers that were in class to learn to be trainers how little experince they had, but was worse was hearing drivers tell me they had to run no matter what because they needed the money.

Another time I called safty and the first question they asked me was my fleet manager forcing me or pressuring me to run with equipment that was not legal.

I should have told them how many times Road Break Down told me to run with flat tires or no brakes so they could save money on no road calls. This would have cost me csa2010 points but what do they care. On the account I was on I saw fleet managers assign trailers that i had rejected to other drivers that took them.

I asked the drivers why eather they were affraid or they needed the money. I am now driving a straight truck 5 days a week 28 hours a week and making a min of 125 more a week then i did for Werner


Well, I think all Werner Trainers think they are GOD. I went though 2 trainers before I quite.

I know that the trainers need some type of training in human communications. They think their GOD but they are nothing but of worthless dumb pieces or s---.

They can not even control their own lives (that’s why there on the road all the times) They have no home or life and when they think there are in control (training) they have power. B----S----


My husband worked for Werner for 6 months and he is a new driver. They terminated him because of a accident that was not his fault.

A car went under his trailor. The police report even said it was the other persons fault. So they terminated him on May 5 2010.

And now no one will hire him. We need to know what we should do?

to F*** Werner #901672

Call a lawyer !!!! ASAP.


seems like a lot of crying to me i have been with werner for 2 years and another company for a year and a half before that HELLO WE ARE IN A RECESSION and if you are to lazy to call placement to get off regional you deserve what you get

to Blackheart Leeds, Alabama, United States #630711

werner screws everyone


P.S. Why is it that Werner Trucking has an A+ rating with the BBB? That seems strange to me after all the complaints I've seen and heard about the company!


My husband has been working for Werner for a year now. Recently I pulled out the info booklet they give to future drivers that gives the details of this so-called "caring" company.

Under the list of 'per mile pay' it gives the figure of 35 cents for someone who has been working there for under a year. 35 CENTS!!!! My husband has never been paid more than 20 cents a mile.

I would like to know when they are going to start holding up their end of the bargain to these hard working drivers who sign on with them under false pretenses!! It does make me wonder about a class action lawsuit for the lies they tell these drivers just to get them to sign on!!!


This is a good company to 'make your bones' with, but i would'nt stay here more than 2 years. Too big.

Once when I was in Gary, IN (shithole) my truck needed some repairs, so i headed to the shop, went to a hotel, and awoke the next day ready to go. Unfortunately werner did not approve the repairs.

FOR A WEEK!! *** trucks, *** bosses, *** company.


Call me. We can get a Class action lawsuit.


You may want to e-mail me first.


Ya no ***. What happens when they fire someone who was as radical as ted kaczynski...?And the the dispatchers go right along with the company

and the things they do. (they of course are set apart from you, on a different level of importance as an employee and human being it seems)Fckin people up there are sick.


all I have to say....F Werner!


My son is a current driver for Werner. Currently he is in KC with a truck that won't start and an apu the won't run.

He has called in the equipment problem 3 times only to be ignored. He is getting depressed and disoriented from the cold and I feel he, and any other driver regardless of the company, should have some alternative than to be found frozen to death in their broken down truck when they ask for assistance. If there are any Werner execs that look at this know that you have a lot of disgruntled, unhappy drivers that are willing to take a cut in pay just to get away from your stinking company.

Do right by them and my son so they feel like a wanted employee. 1/12/10

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #57118

Werner used to be a good company to work for but they've gotten really cheap over the last several years. I worked for them for a total of 18 years and did not see any kind of pay increase in the last seven years I worked there.

I worked there from 1990 to Jan 09, I was a *** driver since 1997. I was what some people might call a company man. I always tried to keep my chin up and maintain a positive attitude even when the company was not being so kind to it's drivers.They created a new division called metro *** drivers that do the same job as *** drivers but for less money. The *** driver positions were eliminated and after 18 years of service the best that they could offer me was a dedicated OTR run at .29cpm.

I was making .29cpm back in 1996. Werner cares? not about their drivers they don't. Over the last couple of years I've watched this company kick some of their best and most loyal employees to the curb.

They've adopted a warm body hiring policy and are interested in nothing but cheap labor. If you've got a pulse and a CDL and are willing to work for peanuts and be treated like a number then this is the company for you. What happened to me at Werner turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

I'm now driving a tanker making $200+ per day and am home every night. Your loss Werner.


Been driving 3 yrs, started with Werner Sept 08. I chose Werner because I wanted to Train.

Story short, my last two students who completed training were sent home with no job.

Not because they were poor drivers, actually Werner should have more like them, but because there was no openings in 48 state and no opening in SE regional or dedicated. After second student I decided I can have nothing to do with a company who finds this ethical.

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