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Training with werner or any other company is all about the well you do is entirely dependet on who you get for a trainer.Some love teaching new drivers what they need to be a profecinonal driver and take alot of pride in it.others dont want to team and they dont do well as solos.they tend to be lazy people.and they cant put up with having two bosses on board like on a team truck they tend to be control freaks who use other people for what ever they can get out of them ow well thats life the world is full of dirt bags .you can always get a diferent trainer i met guys who went through two or three.before finaly upgradeing.but newbies need exsperiance and not alot of places to get will know with in a week or so what your trainers going to be like.if your unhappy keep it to your self.students have been left out in the middle of no were.always try to get off in truck stop or terminal never get off that truck with out your wallet and cell phone EVER.some of these trainers are real dirt bags.always have your sdm's phone # if you get off a truck they will have anouther one pick you up and bring you to a terminal.keep what you bring on a truck to a bare minum so you can cary what you have with prepaired to be out there awile.your recruiter will tell you ow six weeks max.BS it can be done.but it wont i was away from my home for fourteen weeks.we had break downs road closures snow storms trainers home time you dont go home you go to a thing i would like to mention werner will tell you if you stay on the truck for 275hrs and upgrde you will get a 500 dollar bouns after taxs it realy about $225 but once you get half way throuh 137hrs you can take ten days pto at your full weeks pay but you wont get it untill you get back on a trainers truck and you could get a shity trainer so if you get a good one my advice stick it out and get upgraded. well good luck to the newbies trying to get into this industry it has some fine people an some not so fine people just be smart watch your back.

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i've been wth werner for 13 years,i started with them and i'll retire with them,i've been an o/o since 2003,i'm very happy with them and i've had a good experience. my trainers were good people with lots of patience,a bad trainer can make a huge impact on your entire career,dont let this happen! if you are unhappy with your trainer,let your sdm know,they will work with you,stick it out,your career is going to be the rest of your life,wether your with werner or not,dont let a bad experience ruin your road to happiness.


i'm new,i'm shipping out to warner in allentown PA tomorrow.

from the reviews i have read, seems like alot of people, making up B.S. OR DIDN'T READ THE INFO WARNER PROVIDES!

i'm 31, i'm going in head 1st and not expecting much. actually. i really don't care if i make a nickle! really! i just want some experience then i'm out of their so i can get a job back home locally.

no one local will hire unless i have experience. i hear all about the big money over the road. it can stay over the road. maybe some dummy just out of high school will make it. not me!

with all hopes, i get a good trainer for 6 weeks. Thats my concern!


To all the newbees, training is hit or miss. All the training companies suck, the trainer you get will make all the difference in the world. If you get a good trainer right off the bat stay with him. Don't take PTO or request a new trainer because of some piddle little BS. The two of you are locked up in a truck the size of a bathroom for 8 to 10 weeks and will get on each others nerves now and then, but if you get one you can tolerate chances are you won't be that lucky a second time.

Moral of it A GOOD trainer can make it a good experience or they can make it a

LIVING ***. I you get a good one ride it out, don't go home and risk another trainer.


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