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I just watched one of your drivers take almost 20 minutes to back his rig up into a parking spot in the Waffle House truck lot, while holding traffic up because he felt he needed to pull into the road to give himself more space. LMAO!

And he still had to reset himself multiple times. Is that acceptable for your company?

Product or Service Mentioned: Werner Enterprises Vehicle Driver.

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Listen to BamaMotherTruck1 — Just because you’re in a hurry, sure don’t mean a trucker should have to be, especially if and/or when it has ANY POSSIBILITY to get in an accident. Deal with it, and next time, be more understanding.

Also, look at how many fatalities have already happened due to the current Nor’Easter, and count your blessings that something so drastic (and obviously fatal) didn’t take YOU out. Safety over idiots who are in a “rush” any day — especially if they don’t need to be!! And you, I’m sure, could have waited just the same as anyone else.

Oh, and if you’re frustrated or annoyed at the driver, maybe you should ALSO realize that maybe, just maybe, he/she is just as frustrated and/or annoyed, because he’s not able to do as well as demanding drivers like you want him/her to. (I’m not even a semi driver, and I understand this, so what’s your excuse?!?)


We as truck drivers, are taught, "GOAL" Get Out And Look. They do not care how many times you have too.

They do care about the accident, you could possibly have if you dont. Our goal is safety first.

As all due respect, we know a lot of times drivers do get frustrated with us, due to the fact we take a lot of space, and a lot of time. Just please have some patients and try to understand.

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