Just to let you all know Werner gets paid 5,ooo dollars to hire you as a student from the government, this is why they hire you and let you go through 300 hrs. of driving and then when it comes time to test out and become a solo driver they tell you they have no available openings.

You are sent home and told that if an opening comes they will call you, but they dont call. They have way to many drivers now as it is.

Save your money dont waste your time this company seems to have enough of both. Werner Cares We Care THEY DONT!!

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Lithia Springs, Georgia, United States #639876

Werner is lying to someone because they, like other companies, can't hire enough drivers to keep up with the number of drivers who leave the company. I hired on through a CDL school along with at least 6 other drivers I went to school with.

I was in a class of 60 drivers.

40 showed up, 24 completed orientation. This is the scenario every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.




i can try....where do u live?


This has been my experience with werner as well. I even skipped my 1 week off during the middle of training for the $500.00 bonus.

After completing the 300 hours of training , I was told I would have to remain a trainee for 3-4 more weeks to wait for a truck. I was given a choice to go home and wait (unpaid) but would forfeit my $500.00 bonus.

I went home after 8 long weeks in the truck because I needed a break and feel cheated on losing my bonus since I originally thought I only had to finish 300 hours to earn it and wasn't expecting to have extra weeks added to it. I see werner as a very dishonest company and hope there are better ones out there.


You might try Celadon. They actually give you time to eat and shower.

They treat you like a human being, not like the dogs Werner sees you as.

Their equipment is good and they actually have clean trucks to drive not some *** pit like Werners that you can't even breathe in. Good luck to you!


can anyone tell me a respectable company to go with????

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