Prudenville, Michigan
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People need to wake up and be more considerate of these truck drivers ! After all, where do you think your vehicle parts come from, or your restaurant food, or your clothes your wearing and stuff from amazon ?

It's not easy being a truck driver and driving a large vehicle like that is a challenge for anyone ! I do not live in the city but oh, you can bet your bottom dollar that if I have to drive to the city that, you as a driver do these same things and end up cutting someone off including the Truck Drivers.. They cannot stop on a dime so if you think because you can and its alright to do so, well they cannot and its not ok to do so ! Werner is no different than any other company out there!

Because they may have more Trucks and are a bigger company is why you people seem to think its alright to think all the drivers at Werner are the same, or that its alright to put this company down, well its not. Such as its not ok for vehicle drivers not to be held 50% responsible for accidents they are involved in because we all know how most drivers drive during rush hour !

I think people need to start taking down personal plate numbers and start posting them on these web sites to inform other drivers of how the non professional drivers are driving !

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