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It's been over a year since I wrote on here. My previous submission is titled, "To Werner, From former employee 43664".

In the following months since I quit, it got rougher. I mean really rough. But as God would look over my shoulder, things picked up and I've been doing great. I just want to reiterate that for those considering trucking, do your research.

Many people were fooled into a school loan on the false promise of a pre-hire agreement. Werner is one of those companies that gives false promises. They are also to blame for their poor treatment of new drivers. Read the stories below and see my prior submission.

Tell you what, if you were applying for WIA (Workforce investment act) grant or any other grant, go back to real school. Don't even try trucking. It's a loners job. And don't knock on Werner's door.

You just have to read the user submissions below to see what everyeone else has gone through. PS: They have a nice multi-million dollar cabin not to far from their home office. It's basically for corporate CEOs....but out of luck, I got an invite as a new grad. So, you want to know where your money is (promised at 30cpm but getting 22-25cpm and less than 2200 miles per week), it's to stock up and maintain the cabin in the woods.

Someone say to Jerome (SDM), he can save his negotiation tactics for the foolish (as in paying $8.00 an hour and slowly ante up by 50 cents til he gave in at $10.00 an hour - as a student trainee). Werner, blow me.

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Another postscript: Those stories below, I can identify with and put 100% stock in these drivers grievances.

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