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My husband drove for Werner. On 3/26 while he was in Texas he stopped all communication. No one from Werner cared. By 3/28 my family began our own search by phone to Texas. He was found dead in his truck and had been so for 3 days! He died alone, Werner didn't care.He was supposed to be team driving yet he was alone. They are heartless, uncaring, barbaric people.

My son called police, I called hospitals and my daughter called all the truck stops.The Sweetwater police found him..alone..dead.

The truck stop he was found in said they called Werner to report inactivity on 3/27 and Werner told them all was well they had been in communication with the driver. Unless they had a line to the hereafter, they are liars.What a terrible end to a beautiful life!

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Tooele, Utah, United States #745853

You know I'm very sorry for your lost and the lack of response of a company that prides itself for " we care".. I was told yesterday after finishing my 140 hrs of training that I was fired because and accident that I was involved but not a fault ..since the other driverthat was speeding and hit me..coming out of his pick up holding his lower back as it was gonna fall their was an " injury " and I told them but did not had all the facts the director of the mighty compliance department fired me for an incident that happened over two years and did not stop to look at my report from my trainer....really?

now that Im reading these comments Im glad I'm not working for them..besides they can keep those 26 cent :( s a mile and find someone else to haul their stuff.What they doing is an abusive policy against ordinary good. citizens. that are trying to make it..Drivers should b getting pay a decent. wager not that *** they called.

competitive. pay.In other Words Thanx but no thanx ...I hope one day they get what they deserve..belly up!

Weehawken Township, New Jersey, United States #594710

I am so sorry to hear about your husband. That was always my biggest fear.

My ex works for them am I can honestly say that after ten years, Werner is the main reason for us splitting up. They don't care that you have families. There are some people who want to care, but company policy prevents them from doing so.

The story about Chuck- absolutely true- he was one of my exes best friends.... :sigh


I have been with Werner for 6 years. I have had ups and downs so has every driver with us.

1 out of every 10 drivers that drive for Werner have a million miles accident free. That is more drivers that have 8 or more years with Werner than most companies have truck on the road. Thats almost 1300 drivers they have like that. The things that really come to mind that most people complain about is really not Werner but maybe the dispatcher or safety guy that the driver dealt with that had them pissed off at Werner.

There is no company in this world that can say that everyone one of their employees care about their drivers like they should. I have dealt with those people my self. So come on, Werner didnt get as large as they are by not taking care of their drivers or not wanting to at all. Bad experiences are usually by one person that works for a company.

OTR is a hard job that takes lots of patience. That is not always the companies fault. The driver needs to learn how to deliver freight and not stop at all the bars, casinos, strip clubs, and so forth.

What Im trying to say is that WERNER DOES CARE. I know they do from my own experience.


I'm sorry about your husband. The WE CARE WERNER CARES is nothing but something they have to say by law because of a lawsuit from years back.

On 10/11/2011 a good friend Chuck Abbott (who drove for Werner) was found dead in his sleeper only because I called Werners safety department the day before telling them I could not reach him on the phone for 5 or 6 days. His daughter was also calling tring to find out about her father before anyone from THE BIG BLUE SCREW went looking. He was there for GOD only knows.

I worked for them back in 2007 for about 10 months (thats how i met Chuck) and I could not believe how the drivers are so disrespected/talked down to by dispatch/fleet-managers.

If anyone goes to work for them (gotta start some where and no good companies take drivers fresh out of driving school) do the training period, get 6 months solo experience so you can find a company that requires experience and get the *** out of there.

Good Luck all, Be Safe


I am not surprised by the comments made by other people here. I am terribly sorry for your loss.

My husband is an owner/operator for Werner. In the last two months he has had ONE positive paycheck for $583!! He doesn't have food on the truck and only has a small amount of money for food each week - about $50 for the whole week! IF I had not gone back to work (NOT FOR WERNER!!), we would have lost our home.

They are a REALLY bad company to work for. I know - I have driven for them and other companies. I would go back to Swift before going back to Werner. I have no accidents or tickets on my DAC.

Had been nominated as a Highway Angel back in 2004. I am a good driver, but I will never go back OTR because of the experience I had with Werner.

NEW DRIVERS - do your research! Check out Werner - talk to other Werner drivers - see if they would leave Werner if they had enough money to tide them over to a new job!

Most Werner drivers would leave them like lemmings over a cliff! Faster than that if they could!


Wow, thats terrible. I'm a driver for Werner, I'm surprised that something like that could have happened, my qualcomm goes nuts constantly, always rolling, so much so I've never really even had a 34hour restart outside of much needed maintainence at a terminal.


Wow what a horrible thing! My husband currently drives for Werner and your right they all are heartless.

I cant believe they did such a thing! We went to California where there are no idle laws, we got stuck out there, no freight in 100 plus degree whether, not able to idle. Did my hubbys dipatcher care? No why would he when he sits in an air conditioned office?

Who could be so careless? Oh wait someone who makes too much money and is on a power trip could!


I drove for Werner, I was a student I knew this was a mistake stuck in a hotel in oregon.Had to drive a car with four other student's to denver terminal and stay in another hotel.Finally got a trainer headed down to tx la' he got burned out wen't solo. Got another trainer he was great,almost done 287hrs drive time they fired him for idling the truck to long it had no APU it stunk of dog ***! the truck had over 450000 miles on it .

As far as my freind goes he's over in Iraq hauling equipment out and then to Afghanistan I hope he comes out a live,No thanks Werner Enterprises!

to Jimmy #1222376

Sorry for you lost.i currently.working for werner.and it is true they doncare about their drivers.especially if you a new employe.i was injured by my own trainer. And he did it on purples.he was driving.and told to get up and grab some envelopes.

And when i was about to grab them.he slam the breaks real hard.nex thing i new i was on top of the dashboard.hit my head on the cb radio mess up my a concussion.

I ask the termina maneger whats going to happen. To him.he answer to me was dont worry about him.and guess what he still works for werner.they heart less.

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