Werner Enterprises, Lies about everything from Amount of pay average, to home time. You can spend more money living in your Truck, waiting for a load, than you make.

I was told the average pay was between $1,200.00 and $800.00 a week. The largest check I ever saw was $600.00 most checks were $200.00 a week or LESS. My odometer reading, gps, were always 100 or so miles more than Werner paid. When finished with a run you must turn in bill of ladeing to be paid, even though they are paid on delivery, when submiting these bills they commonly LOSE them and will not pay you until you resubmit them, I have resubmitted bills up to 3 times before being paid.

They have trailers that are not road worthy and you must pull them in order to get a load. They will not repair the equipment in a timely manner at the shop so you will run with bad seals, bad brakes,leaking airbags, non functioning lights, or sit in the yard sleeping in your truck while waiting 3 days for the shop to fix some lights that you cannot reach. Dallas TX. is the worst Hub I have been to.

It is common practice to pull an Illegal trailer to Petro or some other shop and have them fix it so you can run LEGALLY, Tickets are on you, points against your license, Manslaughter Rap. yours too all behind Werner squeezing every last cent out of a Tire, a brake job, or a set of axle seals. They have NO concern for the SAFETY of their drivers, or the public..

Sorry Dogs they are the WORST I have SEEN! Take my advice If you Will drive, do it for someone who does what they say, pays you correctly, and has some concern for your safety, and those that share the road with YOU!!!!!

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San Francisco, California, United States #743096

A former driver for Werner Enterprises has retained my law firm (Law Offices of James M. Sitkin) and the Oakland, CA law firm of Goldstein, Borgen, Dardarian & Ho to investigate whether Werner has paid drivers all lawful wages required by the California Labor Code. Our investigation is evaluating information about pay practices for work performed by Werner drivers in California during the last four years (whether the driver was a resident of California or not). As part of our investigation, we would like to talk with current and former Werner drivers about their work experiences at Werner in California. This is not an offer to represent you or other Werner drivers. However, our investigation of potential class action claims could benefit from any information Werner drivers may provide to us as part of this ongoing investigation. Please phone or email me if you would like to talk. I look forward to hearing from you.

Jim Sitkin

Law Offices of James M. Sitkin

255 California Street, 10th floor

San Francisco, CA 94111

(415) 318-1048 (tel.)



I can relate to that!! I'm a former Werner Ent. driver myself. Driver management would not let me transfer lanes. I ran dedicated. I was told my paycheck s would be No Less than $750.00 net.

The largest check-$618.13, the lowest-$94.03 , my checks averaged between $300-$425.

So yes.this company lies-they don't care-they have their favorites. Once they've suckered me into this worthless dedicated lane,their's no getting out-no matter how nice/professional you discuss this matter.

I hope you do or did what I've done. Brought the truck back to the terminal(while still under a load) parked it,cleaned my stuff out . Told the gaurd to go *** himself when he tried to force me to take the truck into the safety lane.

Little he knew,my ride was waiting at the gaurd shack . Got in-I'm gone & happily driving for company who does NOT lie to me & treats me w/lots more respect.

Last- checks are a lot higher.

This phrase cracks me up-WE CARE-WERNER CARES. My response:What a crock of ***!!they don't care at all. It's all ***! Hey Werner-GO *** YOURSELVES.

Westwood, New Jersey, United States #585852

Just to add two cents to your comment about the bol being lost. If you keep track of the bol (or trip#) they usally will pay you in proper time.

The trip enleovps we were given are you pay checks.

If you fill them out right and turn them in on time your dispatcher should be able get you paid on time. Be safe

Westwood, New Jersey, United States #585851

to the person who is saying they (werner) are not safe I'll say that you might have had a problem but thats you. I worked for werner eight months untill I had tooooo many incidentses with them.

I was let go in ohio terminal. The person who told me sorry to let you go did it very nicly. Explaind that I'am only allowed to have three incidentses. All were minor,(being no one was hurt) .

Safty is always first and when we (my teammate) found a problem they took care of it. Some of the other driver would pass the buck on the repairs to another driver but it's the ones that do a proper pretrip thats cought theser safty issues. We did not lose that much time or money becouse they would give us a long houl some were to get us money to reward us for a job well done.

Do whats right and stay within the lines. Be safe out there Peter L.

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