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Werner SCREWED my husband over. Was told he would complete training in 6 to 8 weeks - he started Dec10th and has 115 hours of 350.

Was told that he would be placed with a 48 state driver b/c that's what he requested- NO. Told he would rec. 500 for not going home during training and found out you don't get it til you drop your first load. The SDM has no clue what she is talking about and you cant talk to anyone else.

She says its just the way it goes and don't be difficult. They have NO answers and do nothing to help. He wanted 48 and stuck him with a dedicated guy who does a u-turn every week to go home & told him he didn't know that he couldn't and didn't understand even what a u-turn was AND got 12 hours in one week & stuck in hotel every weekend. When he told the SDM there were problems with the trainer and issues with his truck she told him to turn him into safety.

He has been with this guy for weeks meet his family and kids and knows if he turns him in he will be fired. Werner puts the student in the position to manage the trainer- NOT FAIR, you make GROSS 325 you should be learning from some one who knows- you shouldn't have to be worrying about them. The next so called trainer tells my husband he has a "lady friend" on the truck and if he needs anything she take care of things! I am far from prude- i am a bartender!- BUT are you kidding me.

In addition to the trainer was going home in 4 days for 6 days- WHY give a trainer who going home for home time?!Werner cares less about students and getting the training process completed. Why don't fleet mangers talk to SDMs and match students with trainers for what they want.

They would save so much money in hotels they could pay students more than 325 gross 259 net a week! They SUCK and don't give a *** about their employees.

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Elisa, I was trained by Werner in 2002, and I ended up being a trainer myself in 2006. I am not a fan of being a trainer.

Most students do not know how it is to be a trainer. A good trainer wants to train the student the correct way. The trainer eases the person from a student to a driver. Unfortunatly, there is alot of greedy dispatchers out there.

They treat the truck like a team. Leaving no time at all to train. And thats sad, cuz it gives the student and his/her family a wrong impression about the driver. I would like to see the trainers get more money per mile other than having the truck run like a team.

The trainer needs to be in that passenger's seat. He needs to be on line 4 the whole time. But that will never happen.

Elisa, its good to see that u and your future husband are having a pleasant experience so far.

Just remember that trucking ain't roses and flowers everyday. There will be good days and bad days. And thats with every company. I have worked at several.

Werner, though they are not perfect, is an ok company. Just ignore some of those brain dead office ppl and shop ppl.

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