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I was just driving on 264 E in Louisville KY. A driver from this company in truck 65260 not only is a horrible driver but rude and vulgar.

I was trying to get off the Poplar Level Road exit and he purposely sped up to keep me blocked from getting ij front of him so i can get off. He closed me off and i missed the exit. I blew my horn he slammed on his breaks and flicked me off thru his rear view mirror. Then when i got next to him window to windowhe took both hands from the steering wheel and yelled *** you flicked me off again.

I had two children in the car ages 3 and 8 and they saw it. So i sped ahead of him and got in front of his truck. He got over and attemtped to flick me off again. I wrote the truck number down and called.

I hope this is not the level of prefessionalism u guys employ for your company. He not only put his life in danger but everyone around him when he took both hands off the steering wheel to let me know his anger because I blew my horn at him.

Time 4:25pm EST. 11/08/2016

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New Port Richey, Florida, United States #1331654

Sounds like you tried to cut off the driver and he got pissed about it. Who is really at fault here?

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #1283793

Why do you people have to pass a big truck before you can exit?

Rancho Cordova, California, United States #1245127

On the 99 south Bakersfield,Ca. Trying to get on the freeway one of these Werner trucks would not let me on and I was running out of road .

Only due to the car in front of him we wouldn't have got husbands was honking .he finally passed us and honked and flipped us off .

I have a pic of the truck. Someone needs to be fired.

to Anonymous #1362572

Oh I guess in California when you merge onto a freeway you don't yield to the traffic on the freeway? Try looking before you get to the end of the acceleration lane.

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