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Also, this company did not even how our proper organizational name and the gentleman I was speaking with had the wrong file in front of him providing me with information about another company while refusing to take back the product they sent us.

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This company claims that one of my employees order 15 spiral watt light bulbs for a total of $479 from his company. When I called him on it he was hostile and said he was going to have his supervisor call me.

When his supervisor called me he was also hostile and claimed to have spoken with my employee to verify this order. My employee does not place orders with authorization and would not, I repeat would not order 15 light bulbs for $479. These people proceed to threaten me with collections procedures even though we just received them and refused to take them back even though the return shipping cost would be on me. do not purchase light bulbs from Werner International Enterprises in Baltimore MD.

They are a rip-off.

They may be a legitimate company but anyone willing to pay those types of prices for light bulbs is crazy.

Monetary Loss: $479.

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Address: 3701 Bank Street, Baltimore, MD 21224

Phone: (410) 631-5090

Transit: Eastern Ave & Conkling E/B

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Same here, only in my case the sales guy told me he was sending me a sample and i got 15 for $479. Who pays 32 dollars a bulb?

So I call and complain and the rude woman on the other end tells me in her words, that im full of *** , no salesman can use the word sample at their company.

I call back and now some too nice to be authentic guy tells me hes going to make me a deal and drop my invoice down to $175, Gee thanx Mister! Screw Werner Enterprises, almost got me fired over their bs.


This same exact thing happened to me!! Same price same refusal to take them back and same attiude!!!

I have contacted Ct. Consumer Protection and Maryland Consumer Protection.


Sounds like the old-time light bulb scam on businesses is back, updated to the spiral type. Refuse to pay and they will eventually get the idea.

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