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I worked for Werner and I was told that I was going to do 11western states and I was going to get a$500 bonus once I delivered my first load. The next thing I know I'm in Georgia about 2hrs from Florida and never got a bonus.

Then my dm Pat Cunningham Is rude racist and a ***. They don't give you a route for load but if something happens they blame you.

Werner, Central Refrigerated are the worse companies to work for. Oh BTW when you quit don't till you get your check, they will charge you for everything and you won't get paid.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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San Francisco, California, United States #743098

A former driver for Werner Enterprises has retained my law firm (Law Offices of James M. Sitkin) and the Oakland, CA law firm of Goldstein, Borgen, Dardarian & Ho to investigate whether Werner has paid drivers all lawful wages required by the California Labor Code. Our investigation is evaluating information about pay practices for work performed by Werner drivers in California during the last four years (whether the driver was a resident of California or not). As part of our investigation, we would like to talk with current and former Werner drivers about their work experiences at Werner in California. This is not an offer to represent you or other Werner drivers. However, our investigation of potential class action claims could benefit from any information Werner drivers may provide to us as part of this ongoing investigation. Please phone or email me if you would like to talk. I look forward to hearing from you.

Jim Sitkin

Law Offices of James M. Sitkin

255 California Street, 10th floor

San Francisco, CA 94111

(415) 318-1048 (tel.)


I was told by my recruiter that I would be driving in Werners Southeast Regional division because i lived in Florida. My trainer was only interested in the money and miles.

I would get dropped off on the weekends at a run down hotel because he went home on the weekends anf he would then pick me up on Sunday night. After 8 weeks I got my own truck and my first delivery was La. Came home for 6 days and spent the next 4 weeks in Indiana, Illinois, Pa., N.Y., Ohio, Tenn, Ky, W.Va. I talked to my dispatcher about it and he said that Werner does not have a Southeast Regional.

I told him that someone needed to take the posters down in the terminals and off the internet. I ended up spending New Years weekend in Ohio at a truckstop because there was no loads going out because of holiday.

I spent all of November, December and January in the northeast. I complained to my dispatcher and he said too bad. I was born and raised in Florida and driving in snow is something I had never done.

Oh Well ! In January, I had to leave Werner due to physical problems and it took my 120 days to getmy money.


Warner is a joke. my son works for them.

down time, slip-seat polic cost him a new freightliner, replaced with a broken down volvo which was dirty,broken windshield,cabinet behind drivers seat missing.Trainer said truck had 100,000 miles, in truth, it had 299,000 almost 300,000, always died, no horn. Fleet mgrs a joke. He askes for a weekend day off,they make it impossible.truck recently had 3 dead batteries out of four replaced.

Trainer did a job on this truck. Don't go to work for Werner


I have worked for Werner for 4 months now and other than my truck constantly being broken down (and it is a brand new Volvo) things have been fine! Got all my bonuses when they said and more bonuses than I expected.

Yeah i did not get the $.33 per mile promised in the hiring process though... I make $.26 per mile but i am brand new to this field.


enjoy the hate!!!


I got my bonus when I delivered my first load at Werner but it wasn't automatic.There was a process for getting that pay but I don't remember what it was right now.


I got my bonus when I delivered my first load at Werner but it wasn't automatic.There was a process for getting that pay but I don't remember what it was right now.

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