When my husband applied to Werner he was told he can expect to make about fifty thousand a year after the 6 week training period in which he would make very little. The training period was not 6 weeks it was 12 weeks in which you can expect to make about $300 a week or less.

You are on the road 24/7 and your time off or days off is spent in the cab of the truck with your trainer driving. When your trainer goes home to be with his family they put you up in a roach infested sleezy hotel room for days. My husband got through the training and started the real job. Guess what?

His check is about $400 a week for working about 60 hrs. We are fighting and will probably be divorced over this whole thing. Werner is not honest about what the real deal is and what you really will make. You find that out after you are there.

In our case we could lose our home over this.

How lomg can you go without a real check? I don't know what companies are decent to work for out there,but trust me when I tell you that Werner is as bad as it gets!!!!

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that company is all about hiring poor students and feeding the lie they one day training will be over with and they will start making 50,000 a year and be home 3 days a week.but not until about 5 months of training.


My husband went into Werner as a training/experience opportunity too. He spent several months in the truck w/a trainer because they "didn't have any trucks" for newbies.

When he got a truck there were many weeks he brought home $250/$300 a week after working 60 to 80 hours!

He came home to learn he has cancer so he basically wasted two and a half years in a can, being ran all over and used. He was so sure this was going to give us a future but it really just took time we can never have back.


I was a student with Werner for a while, got through training, got sick, then they told me I no longer had a position there. It's a long story, but after losing my job I got one as a delivery driver for a nationally known home improvement chain.

Did that for a year and a half, but got moved to another part of the store. I put in 12-13 hour days, no break, no lunch, lifting heavy appliances. I only did it b/c it was full time and with insurance. I really needed it as I had a medical condition that needed to be addressed.

For all my training (I graduated from two schools and had extra hours of training) and finally passing CDL test on the eighth try, I am now WORKING RETAIL.

I regret ever learning to drive a truck even though it did help me get a job to improve my health. Planning now to look for a job with set hours and be happy with my lot in life, even if I have to work two-three jobs to live a "normal" lower middle class life.Werner SUCKS!


6 years. 50000 + a year u have to stick with. It a while.

to john Pacheco #818419

u sound like a brainic ,john, they need more like u!!


Im a werner trainer and made $65k and $55k in the last 2 years. Being a trainer sux sometimes but its the only way to make decent money driving at werner.

I try my best to help every student get what they need out of training to go out on their own. Its not all run,run,run all the time. Initially the student does all the driving as we are given only solo loads. SLOWLY it is ramped up over the weeks as long as I let dispatch know its ok to give us more.

I drove for werner a year before becoming a trainer and I made about $30k, but I busted tail..They dont give you many miles as solo(I averaged about 2500 for yr) so you better jam them out and show them you are a safe hard runner, you will be treated as such... PS I always get home within a day of what i ask for, sometimes a day early sometimes a day late but mostly the same day i asked for...hmm


Kenny, can I email you as my husband is now at 6 month mark w/ Werner and we went into this w/ this strategy that "this will be a period of time for you to gain some experience and get the HE** out of there". We'd like some good, competitive intelligence on what o/ trucking companies are good after the 6 month mark--have heard that now you need to wait a full yr?. It seems now, they're all about the same--the devil's in the details w/ all of them.


...or if your husband wants some advice or help for anything.


There are better companies out there. Companies like Werner are for student and people to get in to truck driving.

Tell your hubby to *** his tongue kiss *** and get through it. Once he as 6 months (that includes the training time) he can start looking for a better company. I know it is hard for a married couple. My wife finally gave up and put our stuff in storage and came on the truck with me.

We are divorced now, but it had nothing to do with the job.

I am back in college and working towards my medical license. Good luck, if you need someone to vent to feel free to shoot me an email.

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