Werner Enterprises took my husband on Nov. 22,2010.

The recruiters promised him $.29/mile while training. I took my husband to the crappy hotel in Indianapolis,In and dropped him off w a confirmed date of return in 2 weeks. He was told that he earned 1 day off for every 7 days driven. my husband did not return for 6 weeks.

His 1st trainer stranded him in Mississippi for a week while he took a vacation. When he finally made it home he got 2 days w us and i spent a whole day taking him back n forth from Indy. My husband was then gone for another 6 weeks. Meanwhile he was only getting paid 350.00/wk before taxes & insurance.

My husband brought home 160.00/wk. He was told that his training wouldn't last more than 6 wks& it has been 12 wks now. He got great reviews from both of his trainers. When my husband started driving on his own he asked a number of times for a employee handbook& was never given 1.

He drove for Walmart, Dollar General, Dollar Tree on a deducated route. His dispatcher falled 2 tell my husband that he had specific paperwk 2 fill out@ each stop inorder 2 get paid for unloading the truck@ each stop therefore he was working for free. After about the 10th time asking bout his pay his disbatcher said he noticed it but just set it aside. Werner owes my husband 2 grand& still has not paid.

Werner also paid him half of what he was told per mile. We are sueing Werner Enterprises for back wages& damages. Werner is the most dishonest company i have encountered. Working for McDonalds would get you further in life.

The day my husband turned in his truck 143 other drivers did the same for the same reason. Werner Enterprises is the worst company 2 work 4 & unless u want 2 get screwed on a daily basis don't work 4 Werner.

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That is the life of a driver not sure why you would think you would get home all the time then you would cry about how you don't make any money. Next time check the facts about all trucking companies it is what you make it if you failed it was your fault millions of driver's out here every day fact 1 yes 1 day for every 7 fact 2 when training no company will dump you off every week for one or 2 days fact 3 you will not get the same trainer then you will sit and wait for another trainer fact 4 it will take forever to finish your training fact 5 truck driving is NOT for the weak cry baby fact 6 you WILL​ stay out for weeks on end fact 7 wheels don't turn you don't earn I have been doing this for a long time and I make a *** ton of money so your the reason you fail sorry to say not really sure why you green Horn's think you get 5 mins in the seat and think your a real Truck driver can't park can't back up take you a hour to get into a spot in a truck stop all companies need to STOP​ hiring people like you gives everyone one else bad name

Lincoln, Nebraska, United States #1234378

I am amazed by your story....First of all I will say I have been with this company for over 30 years and never witnessed anything like you describe. I am wondering why you did not just leave as soon as you realized things were not as you had expected, or better yet, maybe have a discussion with someone in management about your ordeal.

I realize that this company like any other has faults, but I have found that civil conversations with anyone in a management position usually bodes well....Did you ever try this tactic?

I am sorry that you had a bad experience but 10,000 other employees do not share your sentiments. Have a good day and best of Luck to you


It saddens me gratley to read all this. I worked and trained for werner before greg his son took over and had a wonderful family inviroment.

Cl werner took good care of me. But then his son took over i left.

I miss those good old days.


It's not for everyone. I've worked for Werner for almost 2 years now.

Yes Werner has good and bad but so does every company.

It's a training company for a reason. Not a career company

Ardmore, Oklahoma, United States #1006096

Roflmfaoo I have been working for werner for 7 month, not the best but def not the worste. Ma'm I gotta say you and your hubby are both idiots.

While in training its 450 a week and gotta do 275 unless you test out at 215. In those hrs you don't suppose to go home and trainer trainer trains you on ***, so pay attention ask quistions. So after you get done with training get your own truck, do the paper work and send it in, now to get hired by a good company you need 6 ,month to 1 yr experiance. Now there dollar general, doller tree, and family doller, are dedicated accounts where you get 2 days off a week and pays more then ovr with werner if you work your *** off..

Now listen up dumbasses, your despatch is not your boss and if they tell you to drive in bad weather, or without enough sleep, or anything unsafe you cAn tell them to go *** themselves. Safety dpt is the only department that can fire you. That being said I like doller general account, get a workout and make more money then I ever have, I have still only been on the account for 2 month was on surge before this.. that being said though my last check was 952 after taxes and another month can train and be making 1400 to 2000 a month and means I get someone to help me unld trailor..

but if your in indianola,in don't do dg they pay to bad but I could go ovr now for kmb making 0.45 mile but I can make just as much on dg and I make 0.36 mile so cannot complain but if your a knew driver would try melton, tmc, but if not them then werner and get your year expo and if want ovr move on to a better company but gotta have a year so to all you people talking *** who is to wimpy to make it through training go work at mccdonalds bc it will suit you, training is part of life in any job, cannot start at the top and trucking is not for everyone, but its catching me up and almost forgot on dg can make 1000 after taxes if you can work your *** off.. but gees I am not werner fan bc they could pay dg better for unld but it is a beginner company but swifts owner *** me off that guy makes 55m a day and pays drivers *** haha

to Slystud026 Yonkers, New York, United States #1131749

Please learn to spell before calling anyone an ***. I work for Werner now and so far not a bad company.

People complain about no home time but I've never had a problem going home. I just request my days off and thats all.


23 Years OTR. Was looking for a local run.

Werner has a gig in my area. Recruiter said .44 + .02 safety bonus. 1st month it was great. Then I got a check that said .37 mile.

I called to get it fixed. Was told .44 + .02 isn't in their contract with this client. I told them good bye. I was making .37 in 2003.

Found a regional run, home every Friday, out every Monday.

.42 mile. Werner drivers have to be brain damaged to stay with that company.

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #943658

I drive net ops from omaha ne,exit 440,to iowa city,exit 249,everynight i drive 533 miles they pay for only 488 at .318,im working a min.of 1 hour a day for free and that doesnt even include fueling grabbing empties and put up with my incompetent fleet mngr .I am grateful iam home everynight and thats the only reason iam still here 4now.i went through trainng and worked for CRETE CARRIERS for 9 months.left to be home.i was absolutely amazed how unorganized werner enterprises is.my calculation for me is they are not paying me for,215 min a week ×s .318 = somewere around 68.37 a week,because they always round down,multiply that by 48 = around $3200 annually multiply that by how many drivers werner employs,say 5000 drivers =lets just round that down to around 16 million a year,that justs sickens me,i just dont see how that is legal....i meen i could go on and on about the difficulties ive had in the 7 months ive been here.If you drive for them be honest...this has been exactly how it is...*** dont role down hill,it starts from the top...


You people who complain are pathetic. There's good and bad in every company.

Werner is a big company. I worked an account with them (surge fleet) which took me to each dollar store account. I was making upwards of 1200-1400 a week as a solo driver. His *** was handed a paper when he walked through each door at each dc that told him what to do to ensure he was paid.

I never had a problem getting my money. I am now a trainer. I go over every single detail with my students. Warning about things like this so they don't run away from the company.

Ridiculous that you people can't just pay your dues nowadays. When I was in training. 300 bucks before taxes and insurance!!!! I was in training for three months!!

I didn't once complain about my trainer taking to much time off. I made the best of a bad situation. Now look where I'm at. I make upwards of 1200-2200 a week.

I also give my students an incentive pay for mileage. Out of my own pocket! Werner is not the best company. But they have treated me very well.

Answered all my questions. And are not going to keep money from you if it is not your fault you didn't get it In the first place.

Maybe he would be better off at McDonalds. Cuz with that attitude that's the only place that will hire him

to tomdoutt Omaha, Nebraska, United States #943659

Tomdoutt post a check stub and i will post one from crete....we will see the truth.because i was grossing 1200 to 1400 a week....

to tomdoutt Jacksonville, Florida, United States #1006091

What dc you work at now and ovr or dedicated trainer? I work out of the ardmore dc and did surge for a little and laast weeks check was 952 after taxes but hear trainers on the account make 1200 1500 bring home

to tomdoutt Jacksonville, Florida, United States #1006092

Oh, and what did you think of the indianola,in dg? I was on surge and they are a *** whole and really under pay 15 a stop and 40 per trailor, in oklahoma and missourie its 22.50 and 60 trl unload

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #783662

Complain and sue all you want. There's plenty of information about Werner on line, GOOGLE Werner and everything you wanted to about Werner or any bottom feeder trucking company is there.

Your husband should've done his homework on Werner or any company he applied with.

I don't feel sorry you, you are where you are because you didn't do enough investigation. The BIG BLUE SCREW (Werner) strikes again.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #736660

I work for werner on a dedicated account through anheuser busch . I read your statement against werner .

I am quite frankly amused by the comlaining that other drivers do . You my friend are a fine example . Werner is ( in all the trucking companies eyes ) supposed to be a beginner copany ? So ur husband gets treated like that , maybe he has no place in any trucking company at all .

Sorry to break this to u. But if he cant make it at werner , he wont make it anywhere . Its a company that I have very high respect for. The Dispacher at that place really gets where a person comes from .

She is truly one of the best in the business . So my advice to u is to tell ur husband to get the *** out of trucking . HE HAS NO PLACE AMONG GIANTS ......... Find another job .

>>>>>>>>>>>>>please. He has no place in trucking. Maybe Mc Donalds would fit him better. Get a life please and stop trying to stick up for ur husband .

Good luck at Mconalalds . To all u other REAL truckers , love u all . TAKE CARE AND B SAFE . WERE NOT ALL BEGINNERS.

......... OUT .

Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States #626228

Hi am in the middle of Werner training as we speak... ok here's the low down you get paid 400on a week doesn't matter if you drive...sit..

do your cbt's (computer based training) not by the mile!! You are out in the truck 6 to 8 weeks in the truck... no breaks no going home for the weekend which is hard best bet is to buy from one of the terminals a noise cancel blue tooth it helps alot to talk to the family a semi is noisy ( been married 5 years 3 kids so talk them alot) but you are on truck 275 driving hours 11from hours a day after 70your hours you are off 34 hour reset do the math.. then completing get with driver placement for your job...

this women's story is bogus!! Good Luck to ya all

to nos Columbus, Ohio, United States #674022

As far as bogus I don't think it really is. Werner has pissed away a lot of my time.

I worked it out so I knew I would be done a week before the 4th of july. I had 5 broken trailers I was forced to repair costing me a day or two each. 6 days in a row of being stuck in a hotel. As well as the home time my trainer has had.

yes I'm getting paid 400 a week regardless but I'm sure they didn't always pay that way. I was promised 4 to 6 weeks it's been 7 so far and I have 2 weeks left given the amount of hours I have left to drive. I drove as much as was possible usually 10.5 hours a day but when they restrict you from driving after midnight and saddle you with broken equipment it's hard to get it done. Now they want to put me with a trainer that works dollar general the worst account they haul for and I know that is what they will eventually try and trick me into driving.

I'm supposed to be 48 state dry van. but as is they want to make minimum wage truckers.

to anothertrucker #1006093

Well to get into the trucker bussiness gotta do your dues and I was in training for 3 month went through 4 trainers and had fun at the hotels, and dg is the best payed account, if I was going otr would wait the year or 6 month and go kmb but heres the skoop werner is not the best but not the worst


my friend is stuck in a hurricane, major rain and they demand she find a different route to Baton Rouge..Laughable company..I hope they go broke


I have to report very similar problems with Werner on their pay rate. I was told by the recruiter .32 cpm.

I thought all was ok until my first paycheck showed .24 cpm. They stated they will decide the pay rate and not my recruiter. My counter statement back to them that I have 10 plus years of direct OTR experience meant nothing. No choice here, I quit like many other drivers did.

The word going around is very true, STAY FAR AWAY FROM WERNER.

I'm not finished here, because my friend will play havoc on their equipment and he only charges $20 each.

He provides a picture and I gladly pay the asking price. :)


to Dan M Dallas, Texas, United States #593240


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