werner made mylife ***! 1st they tell u there there 4 u!

lies lies liesw!!!! for 1 i drove to a motel to meet my trainer! with 3 other drivers.my trainer did not show up. 2nd my trainer was a male pig!

my trainer pulleed up asked 4 my phone and told me it wont be used while im on his truck!!!i said no prob. you can have it tell imj done driving. we did not make it far rite across to a truck repair shop.because his lighter did not work 4 is xm radio, that was just a started my son call traier yelled and hit me at this shop we stop at 4 his work. we had to wait 4 work while we wait he askede me to come back to truck to go over how he runs and how he wanted me to run.

i said no prob. if i would of new what was goinga happen i would no never got on his truck.i was in the truck not ever a hour b4, i was threw in the bunk chocked and held down. he said i was going do whatever he waited . i fought him off i dont no how,i hite him and bit him .i jumped out of truck with my phone he had, and ran into frightliner crying.

called my sdm. told her get me back to omaha i quit.they had him take me to hotel. and he told me he have my job. long story my trainer left marks around my neck and arm where he held me down.

and still works 4 werner today so u can get away with trying ti rap pep thre.

werner made me hate driving i cryed alot knowing this madn is still training co ed .i hade a hard time trusting men after that. less then 4 mos into driving 4 werner i was so stressed that my marrage was over.

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OK . I was with Werner a while ago, and I am thinking about going back ..

they do have some *** trainers but they also have some good ones. do I believe this woman ??? probably cause I know I had a trainer who tried to feel me up while I was driving. I got right off the truck at the hotel and went straight to the terminal manager.

Who had me go to the terminal and file a report. I went to the terminal an it just so happen Corporate bigwigs were there. the guy ( who picked up another girl) was called to the terminal. The manager went to the van driver and had me taken off the lot( for my protection)

He is no longer allowed to train females.

also he was put on probation with the company. so I know they did something


Im a trainer and werner did at one time allow males to train females.Is her story true.Idk,sounds like emotion and added stuff in there but who am I to say


News flash: Male trainers can only train Males. Female trainers must only train females.

If you work for this company, or even know this company then you know this is policy!!!

We are owner opps and have trained for 3 years with Werner, yes I disagree with alot of their actions but this is a line of *** and a uneducated girl. A SDM would have pulled you off asap and shut his truck down...

to Jessica #643189

Female...Thats all you need to know! For your information...newsflash!!!

Males certainly ARE allowed to train females cause I was a female trainee who went thru 3 yes 3 male trainers cause they were all ***!!!

#1male teainer tried to make me be his girlfriend even tho I told him I was married! He didn't want me talking to my husband on the phone!! Had to be by his side at all times!!! :( Trainer #2 just sat in his bunk eating all day without stopping ALL DAY while I was starving!!

Real ***!! :eek Male trainer #3 did something ********** I won't go into detail about but it was unacceptable!!! :x and then demanded a female trainer and FINALLY got one and she was nice but was into religous music in the truck the whole time. So don't go saying male's can't train female's 'cause u don't know what your talking about...

Your dead wrong!!! And... I had asked for a female trainer right from the start and was put with males against my better judgement and had nothing but problems with them!! I was told to keep my mouth shut about it and Now Werner is acting like its all on me!!!

I did not ask for any of it!! I just wanted to go there and do my job and expect not to be harrassed by these men! Why can't they just have male trainers who can be upstanding citizens and act maturely about there training and be adults!! Where does Werner find these guys?

Crawl out from under a rock somewhere?!

If there are problems get rid of them and hire men who are respectable!!!so to you out there that think males can't train females... Think again!!!


She is full of ***! If this would have happened he would have been let go.

My husband is a trainer and they barely have time to pee let alone have time to try and rape someone.

This girl is obviously uneducated and probably trying to make a quick buck with a lawsuit. PATHETIC!!!!


i can't believe that werner kept a *** like that still employed.it just goes 2 show they don't care about people, only products and what ever they can get out of drivers. they don't care if a trainer is having sex with a tranee. i know this 4 sure b cause it was my old supervisor is with a old co-worker he had sex with when he worked for teton.what gets me is after writing 2 werner they still keep them 2 together & it ruined 2 marriges & put his wife in the hospital with a major stroke cause of the stress that werner never seperated them


OMG! are you for real?

You cant even spell and you are driving a truck? Sounds to me like the best wat for you to ever earn a living is lying on your back.

GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!! Quit making up stories when you cant even write them where people can even understand them.

to Dan Chicago, Illinois, United States #962814

wat did you say? can'''''t spell, I see.


I'm with everyone on this post! Why didn't you call the cops?

Press charges? This makes no sense!


I really was interested in reading what this person had to say until I opened the blog and realized it was impossible to understand the point being made here. Go back to school and learn how to read and write!


I am ashamed that people are giving the image portrayal that all truck drivers spell so poorly and seem so uneducated, it makes me sick. If you cannot spell at a 3rd grade level, which is all I seem to see on here, and you are old enough to drive a truck, kill yourself now. Life isn't going to get any better for you!!!


Her story is all full of holes. If in fact she had a Cell Phone, she should'Ve gotten out of the truck and dial 911, this would have ended her problem at the time and later met with Manangement at high level

two(2) things would have happen she would

still be employed there, if she wanted to be and a Trainer would have been long gone.


you need to go back to school. Forget driving and learn how to write.

If there were a possible rape then you should have called the cops and reported him.

werner would not have let him drive for them . you dumb ***


Sorry, but this story reeks of ***. IF this dude tried to rape you, you call the cops.

You don't call your sdm and you surely dont have this guy, who just tried to rape you mind you, drive you back to a hotel. Are you ***? And seriously, work on your American grammar. It's FOR not 4.

Christ. So, no cops, no charges, no lawsuit = *** story.


o i mean 911

to l East Hartford, Connecticut, United States #881476

Wow grammar in real trouble here




it was hard reading it to. I don't know how did this person pass the dmv test?

dumb dumb dumb.

She should've of called the cops she should've said the trainer tried to rape her. and then sued the living tar out of Werner.

I did three months of training with Werner in 1995. I quit one week before completion.


why is he still on with werner and why didn't u call the cops?

i am sorry but i could not hardly read what you posted.

kinda makes your story look silly....


why did you not call the cops ?

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