werner trainers do not like to go into terminals to have truck repairs because they fear losing money. at time same time they are putting themselves and you at risk of engine failure or an accident.

for example: slick tires, fuel guage malfunction, air pressure guage lamp-light malfunction, heat or air conditioning not working. they care more about the miles you drive than the repairs and your safety. my trainer went home on his home time and left me in the truck for the weekend instead of checking me into a hotel, i had no say-so in the matter. i also had another trainer that wanted to chase down lot-lizards, smoke ***, and drink beer after his 11-hour while im driving.

he bitched the whole time and everyday after got worse.

he became paranoid and irritated. he wonder why his wife doesnt want him to come home

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note i am a trainer for werner and if

that trainer is drinking on his break he

needs to be reported to safety this

also puts all of at risk if he has an accident


your a nit wit liar.


After hearing all this I dont think I'm going to be signing with Werner.

I thought that I was going to a company that I could rely on .

Does anybody out there know of a good trucking company that will give a guy that just got his cdl a licence a far chance ? 315-652-6859


guys...don't sue the trainer...most students do not know what is going on....i was a trainer...i had three good students, but i found that that life was not for me...so i kindly asked to be taken off of the trainers list....and that was that..

most ppl want companies to do flips for them...well guess what, it ain't gonna happen...a lil give and take goes along way...u just have to overlook the city ppl who run the shops and the numb skulls who are in an office cubical...they have no idea what its like on the road....


when you get on the truck you dont know jack so you try not to make waves till you learn the ropes,they fear not havin a job untill they know what is protacall,and some SDM is for the company and not for the students


The recruiter at Werner wants $50 for background check non-refundable unless I am hired. They want a co-signer for loan for 3-wk school (to be withdrawn from my paycheck at a $150/ mo.

rate and saying they will pay for the hotel. Is this the normal M.O.D.

for someone just applying for a job? It seems all the balls are in their court.


No one at werner is forced to become a trainer. Some do it because they want to some just want the money.

Most are like me and have said no to it.

Like Mizzougirl said its your fault a bit u should have called your SDM.


Your trainer wanting to to do 3/4 curls & chase skanks. Thats when You should have had enough sense to throw that rig to a stop & call the Saftey Dept or Your SDM.

As far as the not wanting to go into terminals for repairs due to the fear of being stuck for days at a time is a real concern. Simply get in touch w/the DOT authorities & explain to them Your company is requiring or requesting You & Your trainer to run with faulty saftey related issues on Your truck. The sitting in the truck for the weekend while He went on home time.

Again a call to the SDM or training department or to Your trainer's dispatch number would have solved that situation quickly. Speak up & be heard or be taken advantage of, it's Your choice

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