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I just want to say that i drive the interstates a alot and every time you turn around those werner truck drivers is always pulled off the side of the interstate and when they pull back on the interstate they do not look to make sure they are safe coming out. Im a recently truck driver student and they told me that this is against the law for a truck to pull of the interstate.

Know they do not know how to drive or obey the rules of the road. They need to check their handbook to make sure im right

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did you ever stop to think that maybe those trucks are broken down? or that maybe when you went by they had just broken down?

and what are you doin hangin around until they pull out? *** happens get over it, we cant controol when or where we break down.

and yes it is against company policy to pull off the shoulder. yes some drivers do it and its wrong, but unless you pull over and ask each driver why they stopped, dont ***


Werner's policy is: if you park on a ramp or the side of the road in a non emergency situation, you can start packing your bags. Werner has Zero tolerance for these activities.

Remember, Non-emergency.

If there is an emergency, the driver has 10 min to deploy reflective triangles. The proper way to re-enter traffic is to travel down the shoulder, with 4-way flashers on, until you reach a minimum of 40mph, then enter the slow lane when clear.

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