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Beware of answering employment ads from WERNER TRUCKING. They will send you to a school called TRUCK DRIVER INSTITUTE in which they have an interest (a WERNER TRUCKING sign is also on the front of the building).

After you give all of your background information such as driving record, employment history, etc., you are told that you are an excellent candidate. They arrange for a loan and you are told WERNER will pay 80% when hired.

The last week of the school WERNER sends you a pre-employment packet and gives you a starting date. A few days after you graduate and obtain your Commercial Drivers License, someone from WERNER calls and tells you that you are not being hired for this reason or that. So far, my son has been given two different reasons.

Now you have no job and a $4800 loan to pay. The school has their money and WERNER doesn't have to pay a dime. Nice little racket they have going. So apply at your own risk!


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All I can say was Werner treated me good but all recruiting departments lie to a driver that is the first thing you have to recognize about the industry. My first driving job was Stevens Transport try 3 months with a trainer then a month with two trainees together then you got your own truck. There are way worse companies than Werner just remember that.


everyone is bad mouthing werner but honestly it was the best driving job I have had I grossed 2500 a week as a trainer I got my cdl school thru swift which is 100 times worse the werner I lived n a motel for 2mths they didn't pay for *** had to go thru the cdl permit *** for a mouth even tho all I needed was the drivin part when I got to the driving part I was put in with 4 other drives in the truck and my trainer was a racist pig I new more about the program and driving then he did since I have been around it for my whole life


Feb 2009 Experience good.Werner sucked!

Enjoyed driving 48 state, BUT low pay, low miles, no money to live on, had to argue for home time. when 'no' loads, asked to drive Dollar General loads or Family Dollar.....which unloaded by hand.

Over all, drive for a smaller company that 'may' treat you right and teach you the ropes.RESEARCH, RESEARCH and TALK to other drivers before going with any company.


I have to agree with "thumper" in many ways, this is not a job for average the Joe smoe.I went through Warner 8 weeks over the road training after I got my CDL through a local school.

Now the first let me say this! this was back in 2000 I know many moons ago but I'm sure ain't *** changed. The first training was really cool and and bought all my meals and smokes and understood if was rough being a student with very limited training money you received, now the second train was from *** and truly a racist SOB even though he knew not to bring that stuff my way or he would of been put out of his own truck. I hated that trainer so much I use to hope he didn't wake up from sleeping, I know that sounds bad but its the truth.

Either way once I completed this and was assigned my truck and a dedicated sears route it wasn't to bad after that but driving is truly a acquired taste. I since went to work for other companies and even gotten a new trade but since the economy went to s h ii t, here I am back to square 1 and will need to go through this again. The difference from then to know is I know what to expect from OTR training and I still know how to push a truck down the road cause I do have 4 years solo doing this work. The only reason I'm going back back is to get current experience back under my belt and go drive local after 6 months.

My advice for for all new drivers is this!never let your dispatcher force you to drive tired when you need to sleep, and and time your with a training get a quick understanding between both of you that if you respect you as a man the same will be done and your their to learn, do act like like your a driver straight out of school cause technically your aren't until you turn those miles.


Ive been a driver for werner for 10 years with the last eight being a trainer.As a student, you should understand something about trainers.

We are people too. Some are good and some are bad. Sometimes you team up with someone where both of you really click, and sometimes it doesn't work out so well. The best advice that i could give to students would be to do an honest self evaluation.

Students who go into trucking with no more thought to this career than if they were searching for a hamburger place to work, for shouldn't even apply. Trucking is a lifestyle commitment that should not be taken lightly. Do you want a career where your life is in constant jeopardy? Can you handle the rigors of a life that has absolutely no SET sleep schedule?

Sometimes you might go for 2-3 days with no shower. Fast food, no time for physical activity, bad weather, the list of negatives continue. For many, this is an extreme lifestyle change. The many students who came to my truck who did not consider these facts end up being miserable.

It requires almost a military toughness and discipline to be a successful driver. If you don't have that kind of fortitude, you shouldn't apply. I am highly educated which is somewhat unusual for a driver, but i have embraced this lifestyle. It works for me.

I don't want to do anything else. It is my job to *** out drivers who shouldn't be on the road because of safety issues. My job would be easier if potential students would just ask themselves if they have the unusual stamina and mental toughness to be a driver. It's not for everybody.

Those who do the most complaining seem to be those who are the least qualified. The strong survive the hoops.

Good luck.Be safe.


i was hired in the fall of 2010.i was at the indy terminal.

the hotel was a joke. they would not let you eat down stairs with the other regular people.i was picked up on a tuesday nite by my new trainer, he was a owner/operator out of texas, he swear at me for the next five days, he did not stop to eat at all. we did not shower til sat.late afternoon.no hot food or coffee.the Werner company is a good to work for. my sdm/did not do his job.

i asked for another trainer! he said he could do nothing for me, so i resigned from my job in boston, i was from dekalb il.MR. C. L.

WERNER, needs to have some look into the indy area for a better hotel to stay at.the lady who was in charge of the program was no good,owner operators should not train new students. they are not company people. my sdm was a joke.the recutiar for northern il./area, his first name is Dave. he was very good at what he told the new drivers.i was very proud to be part of the werner company, the student/driver program was a let down to me.

i went thur the rite chain of command.again i asked for a new truck to my sdm.

he said no.i would love to try werner again, but i will not go to the indy terminal.good luck, mr, werner, b.wootton



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I have been driving for almost 10 years.I have been with werner for the past 3 years.

The best way to make money with Werner is to try to get on one of their dedicated accounts, or after you get at least one full year of experience ,become a trainer. Policy allows you to train after 3 months but who are we kidding? You don't know enough to train another driver that soon.

Trucking is what you make it.Control your time, money, and most of all your thoughts, and you can make some money at this company.


Hey jack *** u suck werner *** to get your miles just cause u are a ***.look around just because u get like *** *** queen does not mean is a good company for its drivers


Drive for werner, if you want to make no more than, .16 a mile!!!!!!!

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