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Women Be Warned n Be Aware of WERNER ENTERPRISES!!!

I went to Werner in Lithia Springs, GA as a female student driver. I went there initially requesting a female trainer, but due to the lack of female trainers, I was encouraged to sign-up for co-ed. That is a BIG MISTAKE IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT BECOMING A CAREER TRUCK DRIVER . . . OMG . . . 4 out 6 trainers assigned to me thought I was a legalize lot lizzard!

After my first bad experience with a Nasty, Gross Looking, Freaking Old, Fat Buzzard, I requested to have a female trainer only . . . that never happened. Therefore, I was put on a truck again with another Freak, with rotten teeth, constantly picking his ###, nose, ears . . . OMG . . . Just another gross individual. I didn't want to sit in the same truck, driver seat or touch the dang steering wheel. I stayed on that truck for maybe a day and a half . . . Got literally sick . . . took a personal leave of absence.

My first trainer informed me he was dropping a student and informed me to request him to complete my training; and he would request me as his next student to pick-up.

Oh no that is not possible because the egotistical, power-hunger SDM felt insecure and overlooked. She felt I was scheduling my own trainer which is not permissible. And, she attempted to send me on another wild goose chase with another unknown trainer.

Okay ##### . . . you and WERNER can continue scheduling strangers who can not work togather as a TEAM and you will eventually have a MAJOR LAWSUIT due to Sexual Harassment or Workplace Violence.

WERNER Enterprises needs a better SAP . . . staffing and placement system to team trainers, students and co-drivers who have some common interests, tolerance and respect for working togather in a safe an non sexual oriented environment.

Why 6 Trainers:

The first trainer, I lost him when I went on PTO. Very good trainer with mad skillz behind the wheelz! Yeap, I should have listened to him and not got off his truck for PTO. We work well togather as a TEAM. We had great conversations and respect for each other. Hopefully, I will find another trainer like him when I decide to sign-on with another company.

The second trainer, dismissed off his truck due to company and safety violations.

The third trainer, thats the nasty fat, buzzard, looking for a "ladyfriend to team with". . . Sexual Harassment.

The fourth trainer, my buddy, he resigned because I was too sick to get on the truck with him and he already had plans to leave Werner, but was going to stay around until I finished training. I wish him much success in his new endeavor . . . Peace, Love, and Prosperity.

The fifth trainer, my friend and co-worker got off his truck because she felt scared. This man was having too many problems at home to be out on the road in a semi-tractor-trailer. She got off his truck and a few days later they assigned me to his truck . . . Okay . . . Nothings changed. I got in there. He started talking about he wanted to go out to Hooters and have some fun with me. There were many sexual conversations I was trying to avoid hearing. I was trying my best to let what he was saying go into one ear and out the other ear. He said he was happy to see me get on his truck because he thought I was sexy and not fat and ugly like a lot of female drivers. I am like OMG . . . not again!!!

But, I was able to get off his truck due to the fact he started playing with my jake-brakes on 459 right there where DOT had pulled over a vehicle. We got to the shipper in McCalla. I called it in to the night dispatcher. Security escorted him off the premises. I went home, drained of momentum, spiritual and physical health. I could not speak once I arrived home. I had the pneumonia for two weeks. As I was recuperating, thats when my first trainer called and invited me back on his truck.

I returned to WERNER on 02/15/2011 . . . not thinking there would be a problem for me to return on board with my first trainer. . .on to the sixth one.

The sixth trainer, I never met; I refused another trainer; I was NOT allowed to have a female trainer. So, I resigned and left WERNER ENTERPRISER because they really don't understand matching-up individuals to team whether it be trainer and student or co-drivers.

Ladies be warned and beaware when you sign-up for co-ed.

If there are any women out there reading this and you want to share your bad experiences at WERNER ENTERPRISES, please send me a note.

Best Regards,

Road Diva aka HotDollBhm

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sad how that is. yrs ago when i trained for werner i had 3 co-eds.

2 of 3 qualified. the 3rd would have. but my truck was changed out and i was making my exit at that time to be o/o. my first intructions for any co-ed was to inspect the truck.

every corner every closet. nothing was hidden. then if they thought they wanted to train on my truck they were told they could change anything to be comfortable, it would be home until they left for pto or qualified. they were all good students.

i made sure they had privacy and time to themselves as time and loads allowed. it was a great experience for me and i hope for them. i knew werner was only trying to clear hotel rooms and felt bad that many were waiting to long to get their carreers started. i would do it again.

this is a good occupation for both genders. i hope you are on your way in this profession.

Palm Bay, Florida, United States #1204880

Thanks for the heads up, I was really doing research on this company before sign


Wow I'm thinking about going with werner but I want a female Trainor to. I'm glad I saw this review.


Omg! I am in training right now and am about ready to quit.

My husband and I are on the 2 plus 1 training program. I have been sexually harrassed by one trainer multipal times right in front of my husband. What they told me was " the least you need to say is hi, if you ever see him again". Wth!!

Safety supposedly told this guy to never contact us again. Huh, he called my husband today lol. Crazy *** people they have training these new impressionable people. Not to mention the trainer we are with now.


I'm not usually a violent person, but I really want to hit something. Sorry if this was hard to read but I have so much to type and my fingers aren't moving as fast as my mind.

I hope you find or have found a great job where they treat you with respect.

P.s. I'm sout sorry all that happened to you.


Could you post your email? I'm on with a trainer right now

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1062609

As a former male student with weiner #502953 i agree its not always a female trainer to magically appear when a skank like u wants one. I pick my nose & ears too.

I only had 4 trainers when i was there.

I resigned on the spot when on my 8th wk when i had like 8 hrs left they called me into office about some OLD stuff where my TRAINER failed to secure trailer door & it swung & hit another trucks hood day #1 of driving. It went from don't worry about it to "were expending your training 76 hrs".

So i quit & went to Swift & ran over more stuff than i care to remember:-)

Colleyville, Texas, United States #947553

Werner was the first company I started with as a newbie to this game back in 1997. They were an AZZHOLE company then and seems like nothing has changed.

My first trainer was a female. The first day on the truck she informed me that she only stops to bathe once a week. And she smelled like it. I informed her that I shower everyday, sometimes twice a day.

But I MUST have water on my *** at LEAST every other day. So that was the compromise. While she was driving, I could not sleep in my bunk which was the top bunk, while the vehicle was moving. I had to sleep in her bunk which stank to high ***.

Once she started talking about how I take too long in the shower, she started knit-picking me and one day I just snapped and told her about her funky ***. The fact that she stank and the fact that I hate sleeping on her bunk, even tho I would put layers between me and her nasty bedding. The fact that I'm grown and not a child and especially not HER child. And I will be treated with the same respectful that I've always have shown her.

Needless to say after that I was off her truck. Then they stuck me with a racist white man. Who was civil towards me, but the way he talked to this one African dude at the place we were dropping a trailer at, it was clear to me that he was a racist. So when it was time for me to take my road test, after driving in the latest models of freightliners of the day, a 1997 model I think a Cascadia, they put me in this clunker that sounded like it was held together with spit and duct tape.

The guy testing me acted like he hated women in trucking, black women....and just women in general. I was so intimidated by that sorry piece of *** truck, and pissed off by his general attitude that he failed me. As I knew he would.

Funny, how all these years later they are trying to recruit me to join them. I would never work for Weenerwerner.

Tampa, Florida, United States #902436

I rerequested a non-smoking female only trainer.

If you think female only was hard to find lol try this one.

I was told it would be a long wait at home unpaid or at motel paid.

I said that's fine.

I chose motel.

6 paid weeks later (only thing required was a morning meeting)

I got a trainer. So I would have to call *** on the "would not give you a female trainer part". *You just didn't want to wait.* I am giving what you said the benefit of some truth because.

Male or female some people are just pigs. So if you want to complain don't add lies to your truth because it makes everything you said look like a lie.

Spokane, Washington, United States #608627

I considered my training time with Werner something I was determined to survive; like I didn't want to let it beat me.

What any aspiring driver needs to know is that Werner is about bottom line profit, and absolutely NOTHING else. So, if you treat your training days like a fraternity hazing ritual, and you make it through, you can go on to make some decent money. If you don't, Werner has no reason to care. When you are out with a trainer, Werner and the trainer profit from your driving. As long as you don't hit anything or get cited, they couldn't care less what happens to you--whether you pass or not.

This what you need to know if you're about to get trained by Werner: The whole training experience is about you getting trained in all facets of the work, and the stuff that's most important is backing, working the qualcomm communication unit, and dealing with getting in and out of appointments picking up or delivering trailers. If your trainer doesn't have you practicing all those things every day, demand another trainer because you're just getting used to drive.

And another thing. Screw Werner's rule that tries to forbid recording equipment. If you are being exposed to cruelty or off-putting sexual conduct, capture it on your phone or a digital recorder and go after them legally.

You might as well do what I'm doing: use Werner as your entry point into the industry and plan to seek better prospects after a year with them.

Hope this helps.


i just did what he wanted,no big deal,i took care of him,like he wanted


I trained with 2 male trainers with Werner. Both of them were perfect gentlemen.

I cant tell you how grateful I am to them for the training they gave me.

When I went out on the road alone I felt confident and have had very little trouble. I have been kept more than busy with lots of miles, being paid for a load has NEVER been an issues.


i havent driven for werner but i have driven for cr england and all the woman that i went through training with had problems with the male trainers. they all think that the female trainees are there personal sex toys, cr england doesnt do anything to these male trainers except slap them on the hand and tell them not to do it again.

most have clean records cause the women werent strong enough to take on the trainers, some of the trainers had black marks on their records and yet cr england didnt care and allowed woman to be placed on the trucks, yet when the women made a complaint even with police involved cr england dismissed the issue and said that the trainers would be dealt with, and again they were only slapped on the hand and told not to do it again, all the woman in these companies need to stand together and make a sexual harrassment case in the courts and bring it to light with the medias help. cr england phase one student driver twister


The whole system Werner uses is a mess. They should really get their act together.

I believe they are cycling drivers in from schools for kickback government $ then you are used as cheap labor in Family $ and $ General Accounts and have no ability to earn the miles needed to move on in your own truck. It is insane and they are losing a lot of good drivers due to their nonsense.


Werner put me with a female and i really wish they hadnt. I would have rather had a better qualified person.

Male or female- emphasis on qualified. She was lewd and rude and was disrepectful. I waited until we stopped to talk to my husband and check in basically. It was my first OTR job and he was concerned.

So yes , he call me alot.But I made him wait til training time was over. We would be stopped and for the night or something Id be outside of the truck and she would complain about me talking to him!. That was 3 days into it...I decided to tell werner I quit and she said that if i did i would be considered abandoning the truck and it would be on my record.(DAC) well i didnt know any better and listened and waited another day. I just told her i was sick and didnt tell her the truth.I shouldve told her what i thought but im nicer than that.

I got to a point i couldnt take her bullying and called werner and told them my decisiion. She had the nerve to give me a questionare. Sortof an exit interview on her performance as a trainer. Oh I lied through my teeth saying she was ok.

I just wanted it over. The main reason though was she wanted to be paid traning miles and wouldnt let me get experience driving. I might drive 3 hours out of the day. Yeah, at that rate I wouldved earned my time off at the rate of 6 weks on the road.

Forget that! Greed.


i worked for werner and never had any of the problems you are stating. i left because i couldnt adjust. i would go back if i needed to go back on the road again.


we have a facebook page of female drivers & we dicuss a variety of harassment issues in truck driver training. It is called "Real Women Truckers" I also have a Blog if you google my name.

to Trucker Desiree #975516

i went to work for werner had to take a male trainer he froze me in the truck putting the air on high with the outside temps 40 degrees and then put down every werner trainer stating they all treat people like *** then turned the radio on full blast as soon as i requested him to turn it down he told me to get out of his truck

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