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On dec, 10, 2014 Werner enterprises wrongfully terminated me from my job without any notice or speaking with me about something that wasn't my fault.

Werner claims I damaged the fairings of truck. I told them the fairings were already damaged and I took it to the shop to get it repaired. I reported it but the shop said that is not a DOT requirement and we will not work on something that is not required by DOT.

Then they said I have a log violation which I spoke with the log department before. My student slipped on rock and injured her wrist badly. I contacted Werner. The workers comp lady told me to take her to the hospital. I followed exactly what I was told to do for that they got me a log violation.

Night before on Tuesday the 9th, someone stole my fuel cap which I wasn't aware of until the safety from Indiana terminal looked at my truck. Even though it wasn't time for me to do another pre-trip inspection. They still said it's my fault for missing fuel cap.

So, they took me out for a road test to make sure I know how to drive on an old big ken worth which I had trouble reaching the peddles. On my road test everything was fine other than I pressed the clutch and brake together at the same time too soon to come to a complete stop. Even when they were aware of I'm having hard time reaching the pedals on the kenworth, when I'm use to drive a freightliner. They said I'm going to have to fail you on this test.

They asked me to wait in the driver's lounge 15 minutes later they came told me that they going to have to let me go. I asked who made that decision. I want to speak to that person. The answer was it's made by someone at the corporate safety office who i never got a chance to speak to.

After they terminated me in Indiana. They would not provide me with a bus ticket or reimburse me for a rental car. I spend 30+150+488+tax+fuel+other charges on rental car driving back to Texas. This is how I was treated by Werner. Werner don't care!

Reason of review: Wrongfully Terminated.

Monetary Loss: $973.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Good loads.

I didn't like: Management.

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There is more to this story than u r willing to tell. I am a female and I am 5'6 driving a KW and have no problem reaching pedal.

I have students. 5'0 and they as well don't have issues with pedal. There is more to story about safety. Why r they riding u so hard.

Apparently there must have had prior incidents with other students.

In reference to fuel cap u should have noticed it missing b/c every time u stop u have to do walk around of ur truck. It sounds as if u fired ur self due to ur negligence.

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